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Workshop on Consequences of Intellectual Property Rights for
the International Agricultural Research Centers

When I was an economist at ICRISAT in India, one of my last tasks before joining the University at Kiel was to help organize a workshop on "Consequences of Intellectual Property at the International Agricultural Research Centers" which was held at ICRISAT Center, Hyderabad, 19 - 21 November 1990. The target audience of the workshop were research administrators from the Centers and from donor organizations. At the time, IPR was an unfamiliar topic at the Centers and several experts in IPR management from public and private research organizations had been invited to speak at the workshop.
As a matter of general practice at ICRISAT, the papers presented at the workshop were edited for publication. However, they were never published because Jim Ryan, the Director General of ICRISAT, was concerned "... that the NGO's [sic] will exploit the emotion surrounding the issues to make the CGIAR the whipping boy, thus distracting everyone from the basic issues." Letter from Jim Ryan to Rolf Mueller dated December 20, 1991).
More than a decade later the papers are unlikely to rouse any emotions and I make them accessible so that the documents from in the early evolution of IPR policies at the Centers are not lost.

R.A.E. Müller

Picture of the workshop participants

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