Sialobiology: Chemistry and Biology of Sialic Acids
at the Institute of Biochemistry in Kiel

Prof. Dr. med. Dipl.-Biochem. Roland Schauer † (Emeritus)

Occurrence, analysis, metabolism, molecular biology, function, evolution and pathobiochemistry of sialic acids


Sönke Hornung

Dr. Janne Gierthmühlen

Dr. Vinayaga Srinivasan Gnanapragassam (

Prof. Dr. Sørge Kelm moved to the University of Bremen in October 2000.
His research interests are sialylated glycans in cell recognition by mammalian and bacterial receptors.

Dr. Christina Traving

Dr. Yanina N. Schulze (née Malykh) [Website]

Dr. Yanqin Shen

Dr. Guido Kohla [Website]

PD. Dr. Lee Shaw

Dr. Joe and Dr. Evelin Tiralongo [Website]

Dr. L. Aicha Lrhorfi

See below for all former members of the research group:

This poster was prepared on the occasion of Roland Schauer´s official retirement on November 30th 2001
The picture can be viewed also in a larger version as a GIF-Format (~ 7 MB)
or may be downloaded as a PDF-document (~ 6 MB).

A special thanks from Guido Kohla to all the contributors for their helpful hints to former members of the group and also for sending such a huge amount of pictures from all over the world.

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