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Profile of the Integrated Research Training Group

The ITRG is closely associated with the CRC877 and its scientific focus and brings together all doctoral researchers working within the context of "Proteolysis and Pathophysiology". The IRTG is part of the CRC877 and complementary training is provided by network seminars, workshops, lectures, and practical courses. These close collaborations enable doctoral researchers to work within a multidisciplinary research field and to benefit from the broad range of methods and scientific knowledge within the CRC877 (Qualification Concept)

Support and training of medical doctoral (MD) students are the main features of our IRTG. In order to enable MD students to focus on their thesis while getting good experience in laboratory work and basic science, each year 10 stipends offered for a period of 12 months (Doctoral Fellowships in Medicine; Funding of the stipends).
In order to guarantee high quality of the theses, all MD students attend to a mentoring program (Supervisory Concept) that provide support and give feedback to the students.

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Supervisory Concept Qualification Concept

Wir verpflichten uns, in allen Forschungen, ob im Rahmen der Promotion oder in anderen Forschungsprojekten, die Re­geln der sogenannten Guten wissenschaftlichen Praxis einzuhalten. Diese Richtlinien legen für die wissenschaftliche Arbeit formale und ethische Standards fest, die für alle im SFB877 durchgeführten Forschungsprojekte gelten.
Weitere Informationen: Graduiertenzentrum der CAU Kiel

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