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The members of the Intergrated Research Training Group (IRTG) are the ten scholarship holders and all doctoral researchers of the different research projects of the Collaborative Research Centre 877. The spokesperson and the deputy spokesperson of the graduate school are responsible for the organisation and the representation of the graduate school to the public. In order to ensure organisation in a coherent way, despite the fact that the supporting organisation consists of two faculties of the CAU and one faculty of the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf, a scientific coordinator is to assume the actual management of all activities of the graduate school stated in the proposal and is also to form a professional bridge between the disciplines. Principal questions concerning the graduate school's organisation will be discussed in the Extended Executive Board, consisting of the spokesperson of the IRTG, the deputy spokesperson of the IRTG, the speaker of the Collaborative Research Centre 877, the coordinator and an elected representative of the doctoral researchers and scholarship holders.

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