Collaborative Research Centre 877

Proteolysis as a Regulatory Event in Pathophysiology

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Education and Academic Positions
2003 Habilitation in Clinical Cell Biology, LMU Munich
1992-1997 Dissertation at the LMU Munich
1986-1992 Studies of Biology at the LMU Munich
Research Experience
Since 2009 W2 Professor for Cellular Microbiology at the University Medical Center Eppendorf, Hamburg
2003-2009 Lecturer, Cardiovascular Department, LMU Munich
1997-2003 Scientific Assistant, Cardiovascular Department, LMU Munich
1997 Scientific Assistant, Cell Biology Department, LMU Munich
Awards and Honors
Since 2010 Editor of European Journal of Cell Biology
Since 2010 Co-president and founding member of The Invadosome Consortium
Since 2010 Editorial Board Faculty of 1000 (Biology/Cytoskeleton)
2005-2009 Editorial Board European Journal of Cell Biology
List of 5 Selected Publications
1. Cervero, P., Wiesner, C., Bouissou, A., Poincloux, R., Linder, S. (2018). Lymphocyte specific protein-1 regulates mechanosensory oscillation of podosomes and actin isoform-based actomyosin symmetry breaking. Nature Communications 9, 515, DOI: 10.1038/s41467-018-02904-x
2. El Azzouzi K, Wiesner C, Linder S (2016) Metalloproteinase MT1-MMP islets act as memory devices for podosome reemergence. J Cell Biol 213: 109-125
3. Naj X, Linder S (2015) ER-coordinated activities of Rab22a and Rab5a drive endosomal compaction and intracellular processing of Borrelia burgdorferi by macrophages. Cell Reports 12: 1816-1830
4. Wiesner C, Faix J, Himmel M, Bentzien F, Linder S (2010) KIF5B and KIF3A/KIF3B kinesins drive MT1-MMP surface exposure, CD44 shedding and extracellular matrix degradation in primary macrophages. Blood 116: 1559-1569
5. Linder S (2007). The matrix corroded: podosomes and invadopodia in extracellular matrix degradation. Trends Cell Biol 17: 107-117