Collaborative Research Centre 877

Proteolysis as a Regulatory Event in Pathophysiology

Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel

Education and Academic Positions
2011-2015 Dissertation, Institute of Biochemistry, University of Kiel
2010-2011 Master of Research in Biomedical Sciences, Department of Cell Signaling, St. George's University, London, United Kingdom
2007-2010 Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, University of Kiel
Research Experience
Since 2016 Postdoctoral fellow and group leader, Institute of Biochemistry, University of Kiel
2015-2016 Postdoctoral fellow, Department of Neurology, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA
2014 Internship: UV- crosslinking and click-chemistry of lipids, Department of Molecular Cell Biology, University of Osnabrück
2013 Internship: training in induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technology and generation of human dopaminergic midbrain neurons
Department of Neurology, Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, USA
2008-2010 Research assistant, Institute of Biochemistry & Institute of Physiology,University of Kiel
Awards and Honors
2015 Poster selected for special oral presentation (Gordon Conference on Lysosomal Diseases, Texas, United States)
2015 Poster prize (International Symposium: 'Protein Trafficking in Health and Disease'; Hamburg)
2013 Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds associate (01/2013-01/2015: Ph.D. project funded by the Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds)
2011 Master of Research prize (St. George's University of London, UK)
2011 Student award (Holsteiner Studienpreis) by the University of Kiel for outstanding achievements and social commitment
List of 5 Selected Publications
1. Zunke F, Andresen L, Wesseler S, Groth J, Arnold P, Rothaug M, Mazzulli JR, Krainc D, Blanz J, Saftig P, Schwake M (2016) Characterization of the complex formed by beta-glucocerebrosidase and the lysosomal integral membrane protein type-2. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113: 3791-3796
2. Mazzulli JR, Zunke F, Isacson O, Studer L, Krainc D (2016) alpha-Synuclein-induced lysosomal dysfunction occurs through disruptions in protein trafficking in human midbrain synucleinopathy models. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 113: 1931-1936
3. Mazzulli JR, Zunke F, Tsunemi T, Toker NJ, Jeon S, Burbulla LF, Patnaik S, Sidransky E, Marugan JJ, Sue CM, Krainc D (2016) Activation of beta-Glucocerebrosidase Reduces Pathological alpha-Synuclein and Restores Lysosomal Function in Parkinson's Patient Midbrain Neurons. J Neurosci 36: 7693-706
4. Rothaug M*, Zunke F*, Mazzulli JR, Schweizer M, Altmeppen H, Lullmann-Rauch R, Kallemeijn WW, Gaspar P, Aerts JM, Glatzel M, Saftig P, Krainc D, Schwake M, Blanz J (2014) LIMP-2 expression is critical for beta-glucocerebrosidase activity and alpha-synuclein clearance. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 111: 15573-15578
5. Neculai D, Schwake M, Ravichandran M, Zunke F, Collins RF, Peters J, Neculai M, Plumb J, Loppnau P, Pizarro JC, Seitova A, Trimble WS, Saftig P, Grinstein S, Dhe-Paganon S (2013) Structure of LIMP-2 provides functional insights with implications for SR-BI and CD36. Nature 504: 172-176