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Profile of the Integrated Research Training Group

The ITRG is closely associated with the CRC877 and its scientific focus “Proteolysis as a Regulatory Event in Pathophysiology”. A major goal of the proposed CRC is the high standard qualification and the support of young researchers. We therefore initiated a Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG) with the title 'Proteases and Pathophysiology'. The IRTG gives 10 medical students sufficient financial support for a one year lasting experimental MD thesis. The scholarship holders could exclusively dedicate their time to their scientific work. By participation in the training programme of the IRTG the scholarship holders become acquainted with the sientific topics of the CRC877 and they learn advanced techniques. Thus the IRTG offer an interdisciplinary and broad education during the doctorate.
The medical students are chosen, after appropriate advertisement, by interviews with three members of the planned CRC consortium. The scholarship holders are supervised by one CRC member in addition to the member in whose laboratory the experimental work is carried Integrated Research Training Group out.

In addition all PhD students working in the different research projects of the CRC are members of the IRTG. The IRTG is also open for groups outside of the planned CRC consortium. However, the thesis projects should focus on the physiological function of proteases as regulatory molecules. This strategy will help to broaden the topic and the methodology of the core consortium. It will also enhance the scientific exchange between scientists interested in protease and signaling research.

The qualified education of our students is guaranteed by:



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