Proteases constitute 1%–5% of eukaryotic genes and the human genome encodes 588 predicted proteolytic enzymes. The functions of proteases are essential in many physiological processes, including development, blood coagulation, and cell death, as well as many pathophysiologic events such as inflammation, cancer and infectious diseases. The general aim of the CRC 877 is to obtain a profound understanding of proteolytic processes in cellular regulation and signaling and to define the involvement of such processes in human pathophysiology.

Topics of the 2nd International Symposium 2016:

Proteases & Cancer
Proteases & Organelles
Regulation of Proteases
Proteases & Development

The Symposiumis organized by the Collaborative Research Group 877 (CRC877) focused on "Proteolysis as a Regulatory Event in Pathophysiology". Participating institutions and organisations are the University of Kiel, the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein & the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf:
Institute of Biochemistry, Kiel; Institute of Immunology, Kiel; III Medical Clinic UKE Hamburg; Department of Dermatology, Kiel; Department of Biochemistry, Children's Hospital, UKE Hamburg; Molecular Cell Biology, Institute for Clinical Molecular Biology, Kiel; Institute of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, UKE Hamburg, Institute of Neuropathology, UKE Hamburg