52.Annual Meeting of the AEPC - Scientific Programme Overview - with links to sesions
Athens        May 9 - 12, 2018
 Th 12.05. 
Kokkali Hall
Skalkotas Hall
MC3 Hall
MC2 Hall
MC3.2 Hall
MC3.4 Hall

Preventive Cardiology Working Group Symposium:
Training children´s Hearts - Cardiac adaptions to exercise and training in childhood athletes and children with heart disease


Genetics, Basic Science and Inherited Muscle Disease Working Group Symposium:
Novel tools in science


Hellenic Association for Paediatric Cardiology (HAPC) Symposium:
Paediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery in Greece: current status


Joint Fetal Cardiology & Cardiovascular Morphology Working Group Symposium:
Exhausting the 3-vessel view. 3-vessel view in different conotruncal anomalies: morphology

09:00-10:30   Joint Neurodevelopment and Psycho-Social Care Working Group & Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Special Program for Nurses Counselling Session:
Prenatal care, pregnancy and genetics

O14 - Abstract Session:
Surgical Challenges

11:00-12:30   Joint Pulmonary Hypertension & Heart Failure WG & Paediatric Cardiovascular Intensive Care WG & Congenital Heart Surgery WG & Interventional Cardiology WG Symposium:
Innovative Interventional and Surgical Heart Failure Therapies

Successes and failures in the cath lab


Hellenic Association for Paediatric Cardiology (HAPC) Symposium:
Care of GUCH in Greece


Clinical drug research in children with heart disease


Special Programμε for Nurses:
Rehabilitation for patients with congenital heart disease


Keynote Lecture and Closing Ceremony

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