International Archaeology Film Festival


The CINARCHEA Chronicle
"CINARCHEA – Das Internationale Archäologie-Film-Kunst-Festival
1992-2010 – Eine Chronik"
Published by Kurt Denzer, 192 p., 250 images. bw/col,
Kiel 2010, Verlag Ludwig, ISBN 978-3-86935-027-1, 19,90 €.

The Report of the Symposium 2002
"Finds, films, false friends: Archaeological films working for profit and propaganda"
(200 p. with illustrations, German/English, ISBN 3-933598-72-9)
is available. ( 3,00 EUR )

Catalogue 1994  Catalogue 1996  Catalogue 1998  Catalogue 2000
Catalogue 2002  Catalogue 2004  Catalogue 2006  Catalogue 2008  Catalogue 2010
The catalogues of all festivals – including the one of 2010 – are available.
CINARCHEA catalogues, Vol. 1-9, 20,- EUR + 6,90 EUR Porto.

The Report of the Symposium 1998
"Archaeology and New Media"
(160 p. with illustrations, German/English)
is available. ( 8,- EUR )

The booklet "CINARCHEA-Aspects of Archaeology-Film-Art" (48 p., with colour illust., German/ English) can be ordered at CINARCHEA, Breiter Weg 10, D-24105 Kiel (13,- EUR)

The interdisciplinary approach and complexity of the programme and its organization inspired the two students of the Muthesius College of Art in Kiel KARSTEN MEZGER and MARTIN KRÄMER to work out their degree dissertation in faculty of communication design on the subject CINARCHEA; an essential part of their work was the design of this brochure. Explanatory indications and introductory words on archaeology stand aside contributions taken from the symposium, which are an integral part of the Kiel Festival. LOTHAR SPREE regards archaeology as a distinctly rewarding niche for the documentary film, MARTIN EMELE reflects the influence of the computer-animation of the historical awareness, ENNO PATALAS reports about his work as film archaeologist etc.

The booklet presents reflections upon the relation of archaeology and art, poetry and philosophy on the reflecting to the potential of the future archaeology.

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