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A Village with a Museum and a Museum with a Village

In 1990, the Cultural Foundation of Kreis Schleswig and Flensburg, North Germany, began constructing a museum for the region Angeln on four museum islands at Unewatt, a small village.

The village, itself a symbol of the agricultural recession following World War II, was restored to the condition of its zenith, during the second half of the 19th-century. The present buildings were supplemented only with a 17th-century Nether German half-timbered hall building from Süderbrarup.

The documentation of agricultural change in the Angeln-region is exemplified by various farmhouses from the 17th to the 20th century. With its motivation as its leitmotif, the film weaves the historical development into the construction of the "museum with a village".

Production: Arbeitsgruppe Film der CAU and
Cultural Foundation of Kreis Schleswig and Flensburg
Script: Martin Weber
Camera, Graphics: Jürgen Haacks
Sound: Michael Schumacher
Duration: 27 min. (16mm, col. and black/white)
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