2. International Archaeology Film Festival
April 24th - 28th, 1996



The 2. International Archaeology-Film-Festival, CINARCHEA '96, took place in the Kunsthalle in Kiel, from the 24th to the 28th of April. It was organized by the Arbeitsgruppe Film of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel and the Verein Freunde der Antike e.V. The project was supported by private sponsors as well as Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, Kulturelle Filmförderung Schleswig-Holstein, RTL Nordlive, Nordwest-Lotto, Film Club Kiel e.V.

The festival was preceded by the International Symposium on "Archaeology and Film", which took place in the Archaeological Landesmuseum Schloß Gottorf in Schleswig. It was funded and supported by the Gesellschaft zur Förderung audiovisueller Werke in Schleswig-Holstein mbH (MSH) as well as the Foreign Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany.

After the initial success of the 1994 festival the organizers definitely aimed at establishing this event as a "Fachfestival" (expert festival) that would adress experts of different fields just as interested non-expert visitors. This required to open up further national and international circles of potential participants in order to get as many as possible working areas, groups, that in some way or other deal with archaeology and film, onto one forum.
This was accomplished : respective sciences - archaeology together with protohistory etc. - on the one hand, film-academies, filmmaker, producer, important centres of film-production and public broadcasters, private companies on the other... and museums, institutes for the protection of historic monuments, expert journalists and a broad public audience too could be won for participation in this singular event.

135 films had handed in entry-forms for the festival-competition-programme; 58 films from 16 countries had got selected. The symposium was attended by 35 participants of six nationalities.

The central focus of the festival was again on the competition, which allowed films produced during the last four years to participate. The awarding of the five prizes for the competing productions was decided upon by the internation jury headed by the archaeologist Dr. Erwin Keefer, Württembergisches Landesmuseum Stuttgart. In addition to the prizes handed over by the jury there was the Publikumspreis, the prize of the audience, a prize that was awarded by means of the votes of every single visitor... On top of the films in competition the altogether 13 programme-sections did include a retrospective of archaeology-films with prizewinners from other international festivals.

The morning- shows were drafted such as to specifically address a young audience, children, pupils and their teachers ("school-program")

In addition to the festival and the symposium a very special exhibition added another highlight to CINARCHEA `96: "Camera Obscura-Laterna Magica-Kino" which took its place in the Kieler Stadtmuseum "Warleberger Hof" and was designed to give an understanding of the ("pre"-)history of cinematography. the exhibition was funded by the Kulturstiftung des Landes Schleswig-Holstein and the Kultusministerium;
Apart from its attractive design bringing forward loads of information in a still entertaining and fascinating fashion it happened to be the only larger, comprehensive exhibition organized in the whole of this region (North of Germany) to pay respect to the 100th birthday of the cinema, celebrated in December 1995.

A bilingual festival-catalogue was published right in time: this catalogue offers extensive informative material concerning the filmprogram, it contains essays covering the topic "Archaeology and Film" from different angles, i.e. the cineastic as the scientific perspective. In addition it offers a collection of reading material in respect to distinct archaeological topics such as, just to give an example, Experimental Archaeology.

A cartoon of 35 seconds of very special quality opened each filmprogram; it was introduced in several cinemas to promote the festival.

More than 20 reports in national and international press-media, from Estonia to the USA, informed about CINARCHEA '96. Representatives of CINARCHEA were invited to participate in the respective European Festivals inAthens, Bordeaux, Brussels, Forli and Rovereto.

Excerpts from the Circular:
Advance Notice CINARCHEA '96

After having experienced the very positive response to CINARCHEA '94 and the manifold impulses leading to a closer cooperation of participants, we now want to make an effort once again to create an atmosphere promoting and allowing for contacts and discussion among the international expert audience and at the same time addressing an interested academic as well as non-academic public.

As the central part of the event we shall again have the Competition and Award Ceremony, the competition givng an overview of the productions of the last four years and an insight in the present positions of archaeological research. In addition Retrospectives of interesting earlier works shall be introduced: Prizewinners from other international festivals and productions from archives of the early archaeological film.

Integral part of the CINARCHEA festival is the Symposium, this time concentrating on the topic "Archaeology And Film".

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