Symposium 1996

Topic: "Archaeology and Film"

The symposium was held under the topic "Archaeology and Film". The authors of the book "Archaeology on Film", Carole Lazio and Peter Allen from New York, explained with the means of showing parts of films, in which way archaeological results were presented in films in the USA. Representatives of the Baltic countries introduced examples of their productions and refered to the question, of which political importance archaeology was in the times of the USSR and to what extend the film was used as the media of a science that was very much understood as being political.

The very different productions of the "Institut für den wissenschaftlichen Film" (Institute of the Scientific Films) Göttingen and of the ZDF series "Schliemann's Legacy", which was a great success with the public, had been discussed under the topic "Film between scientific reports and public relations work". Lothar Spree and Martin Emele demonstrated the use of new computer techniques in films on archaeological topics. For English archaeologists they produced a video documentary on the long-term project "Catal Hüyük". Kurt Schietzel talked about the use of films in museums, referring to the cinema in the Viking Museum in Haithabu, which has been existing for ten years now. Two of the films, produced for the museum, have been watched only in this place by more than 1 million spectators.The international members of the symposium took the chance to watch these films in up to seven languages simultaneously. A so far unknown but still close connection between archaeology and film was pointed out in the speech held by the film archaeologist Enno Patalas, who talked about his year of work on the reconstruction of the film "Nosferatu" by Murnau, also presenting examples of the film.

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