Symposium 2002


Prof. Dr. Peter Allen (Rhode Island College, U.S.A.):
The Archaeology magazine film series: substance or style?

Thomas Balkenhol (University Ankara, Turkey):
Relationship between filmmakers and TV authorities

Regina Heilmann (University Mainz, Germany):
A friendly warning: As you dig for artefacts be sure you don't bury your reputation!

Carol Lazio (Smithsonian Museum):
Same Footage, Different stories

Prof. Dr. Ruth Lindner (University Würzburg):
Rome and Romanitas in Romania during the Era of Ceausescu

Lauri Kärk (University Tartu, Estonia):
Two different versions of the film "Time Out"

Patricia Rahemipour (M.A., University Leipzig, Germany):
"Fascinatingly Strange" - On the Subject of Unknown, the Exotics... the Strange in the Archaeological Film

Sultana Souzi Zorpidu (M.A., University Freiburg):
On the Relation Becoming Apparent between Archaology and Imperialistic Politics in the Popular Feature Film

Tom Stern (M.A., Ruhrland Museum, Essen) und
Thomas Tode (Filmemacher und -historiker, Hamburg):
Still the shadow of Varius is cast on us and takes gruesome revenge upon the Grandchildren of Arminius

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