SFB 1182 Symposium “Fungi – the Forgotten Component of Metaorganisms”

On the 1st and 2nd of March 2023, the CRC 1182 will host a symposium focused on fungi in metaorganisms, jointly hosted by Prof. Eva Stukenbrock and Prof. Thomas Bosch. We have an excellent line-up of speakers who study the diversity, function and communication of fungi in diverse host systems.

Confirmed speakers:  

  •  Stephan Rosshart, Freiburg University, DE: “Born to be Wild – Wildlings a noveltranslational research model acknowledging the mammalian metaorganism”
  • Joseph Heitman, Duke University, USA: “Fungi on the skin: Malassezia and beyond”
  • Alga Zuccaro, Cologne University, DE: “Disentangling programmed cell death (PCD) in plant microbe interactions”
  • Bart Thomma, Cologne University, DE: “Fungal plant pathogens manipulate host microbiota to promote disease development”
  • Marie-Claire Arrieta, University of Calgary, Canada: “The early life mycobiome in host immune education”
  • Petra Bacher, UKSH, Kiel, DE: “Anti-fungal immunity in humans: at the intersection of protection and inflammatory disease”

The event will take place in the Hotel Maritim in Kiel. We hope you will join us for what we are sure will be a lively and interesting symposium, so please mark your calendars and save the date! More info will follow soon.

Registration is now open! Deadline 9th of January. Please register here: www.metaorganism-research.com/seminars-events/activities/symposium-fungi-the-forgotten-component-of-metaorganisms/