Solutions for Sustaining Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services

International Conference and Workshop – Salzau Castle and Kiel University (June 7th 2010 – June 11th 2010)

Commented hypotheses

Topic I. Characterizing and Measuring Natural  Capital and Ecosystem Services:

I. A   Integrated quantification, modelling, and valuing of ecosystem services

I. B   Accounting for ecosystem services at the landscape level

  1. Linking ecosystem services and the cultural landscape
    Authors: Harald Schaich, Claudia Bieling, Tobias Plieninger
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  2. Land cover and spatial heterogeneity: Place-based assessments of ecosystem services
    Authors: Ulrich Walz, Ralf-Uwe Syrbe
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Topic II: Designing Socio-Ecological Institutions

II. A   Adaptive management of ecosystem services

  1. What first: ecosystem service evaluation or environmental objectives?
    Author: Stefan Marzelli
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  2. Transitioning towards a low carbon economy: Opportunity or complication for sustaining natural capital and ecosystem services?
    Author: Leen Gorissen
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II. B   Environmental, social and economic trade offs

  1. A Demand and Supply Framework for Ecosystem Services
    Authors:  Prajal Pradhan, Luis Costa, Marta Moneo, Christian A. Pape, Jürgen P. Kropp
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  2. Public goods, commons and ecosystem services
    Authors: Henrik Vejre, Jens Abildtrup, Anne G. Busck, Bo Fritzboger, Niels Kaergaard, Sören B. Olsen
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