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Ecosystem Integrity Student Pages

Ecosystem Integrity – an overview

Integrity is used as a synonym for intactness, completeness and integration. Ecosystem Integrity is a human made concept including several aspects:

As it is visible from these topics, Ecosystem Integrity deals with the natural basics of ecosystems and its human use.


Human beings are face to face with lots of uncertainties concerning further development of both environment and mankind, its demands for resources and environmental goods. The uncertainties include:

This uncertainty leads to questions like the following:

Thus Ecosystem Integrity is to prepare against threats caused by uncertainties.


Self-regulation is one of the main aspects of the Ecosystem Integrity concept. Good to know about Self-regulation:

Definitions of Ecosystem Integrity

The concept of Ecosystem Integrity is heavily discussed. A huge amount of definitions are used. Two of them:


For valuing environmental goods and services, indicators are used. Here is a rough overview:

Using indicators one problem is growing up: how to get referenced values? Possible solutions:


To present and visualise the results of investigations and prognoses or scenarios, you can use the so called Amoeba diagrams. One example:

Amoebe Diagram
by Timo Klipstein – 2006
Ecology Centre Kiel – Master’s Programme Environmental Management