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The University informs its members about new regulations by circular email. This information is provided on this website. Currently, all corona-related regulations have expired. It applies within the framework of general health protection: If you are ill, stay at home!

Basic rule still applies: if you are sick, stay at home!

Contact crisis team

The CAU crisis team is available at for corona-specific questions that could not already be clarified in the facilities.

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Employees who belong to a risk group

In relation to infectious diseases such as influenza, RSV, SARS-CoV-2, etc., it is not feasible to classify individual employees into a risk group due to the varying nature of pre-existing illnesses and their severity, as well as other influencing factors. Therefore, each case must be considered individually, and the correlation between an individual's health situation and their work activities must be taken into account. As a result, expertise in occupational health is of particular importance.


In the event that employees inform their superiors of their belonging to a risk group, it is recommended that the occupational health service is consulted. The supervisors should then conduct an individual risk assessment with input from the occupational health service, and document any necessary measures.

For employees with severe disabilities or an equivalent status, the representative body for severely disabled employees (SBV) must be included by their superiors in the risk assessment and any subsequent organizational measures derived from it. Professors should contact their faculty's respective dean's office.