Self-administered PoC antigen tests for staff

Dear Sir or Madam,

The university is offering twice weekly self-administered PoC antigen tests to staff who need to be present on site as part of curbing the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The university aims to do its bit towards overcoming the pandemic and give extra protection to employees who are unable to complete their work from home. These self-administered tests will be issued to authorised members of the university. The staff take the tests on a voluntary basis!

Supervisors can order tests based for the respective department. The self-administered PoC antigen tests will be delivered once a week, until further notice. When placing an order, please note that some test sets come in larger packages. We recommend that units or departments who receive more test than they need,  coordinate with neighbouring departments when placing orders and conducting the tests. And order form can be found below. As there are only a restricted number of tests, and in order to give as many employees at the workplace the opportunity to take a test, we urgently ask that you calculate numbers with restraint.

The kits will be sent to you in an envelope with an address sticker for your organisational unit. Please send these back to the storage facility so that you can receive the next delivery the following week.

Please note that the self-administered tests and rapid tests are an additional component in the protective measures. They do not replace the general hygiene and social distancing regulations, or any other measures for on site events and workplaces set out in specific hygiene concepts or risk assessments.

Using the self-administered tests

Please provide those employees who receive a self-administered test with the following information and, in particular, the documentation below before they conduct the test.

When using self-administered tests, it is especially necessary for the user to correctly interpret the test result and draw proper conclusions.

Please ensure that your department has a contact person on site who is responsible for issuing the tests, as well as for documenting the tests handed out. The tests should all be carried out on one day (possibly with internal appointments) so that the test kits can be used efficiently in one go and to avoid long storage periods. Please use your own surgical masks. Please collect the used utensils from the self-administered tests at the end and dispose of them in household waste in a sealed bag (a rubbish bag is included with the kits).

Please observe the hygiene regulations. Perform the tests individually and maintain social distancing.Keep your distance to other colleagues while you are waiting for your test result.

Ordering, delivery and handling of self-tests

Documents for download:

You will also receive the following utensils with the self-administered tests issued:

  •  2 FFP2 masks
  • 10 surgical masks and 2 pairs of disposable gloves
  • 2 rubbish bags (please seal and dispose of in household waste).

Instructions for the different self-test sets

NASOCHECK by Lepu medical

The manufacturer's test packs each consist of the following components:

  • 1 Sterile swab
  • 1 solution vial
  • 1 test card Instructions for use
  • 5 test cassettes


Antigen tests by Clungene

The manufacturer's test packs each consist of the following components:

  • 5 test cassettes
  • 5 extraction reagent
  • 5 tubes with cap
  • 5 swabs
  • Instructions for use / quick reference guide
Antigen tests by Roche

The manufacturer's test packs each consist of the following components:

  • 25 test strips (individually packed in a packaging bag with desiccant)
  • 25 tubes with extraction buffer
  • 25 dispenser caps
  • 25 Sterile swabs (use only the supplied swabs for the anterior nasal swab)
  • Instructions for use / quick reference guide
Clinitest by Siemens Healthineers

The manufacturer’s test kits consist of the following components:

  1. 20 sterile swabs
  2. 2 bottles with a buffer solution
  3. 20 test cartridges
  4. 20 test tubes and lids
  5. 1 workstation
  6. Instructions for use
  7. Short guide

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