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The CAU will not count the winter semester 2021/22 as an actual semester (“Fachsemester”). An additional attempt at the examination will be granted if the type of examination has been replaced by another type of exam that was not provided for in the degree-specific examination regulations.

All examinations must be conducted digitally.

Teaching will be converted to digital teaching from 10.1. onwards, more stringent masking requirements in face-to-face courses, examinations will mainly be conducted digitally, home office will be increased, face-to-face events outside teaching will be prohibited until 30.1. for the time being.

Changes to the 3G proof checks at the CAU

Those who are being treated with TNF alpha blockers for a chronic inflammatory disease probably need a booster vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 earlier than others. A study by the Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" indicates this.

The University Board has now updated the CAU’s hygiene policy. The changes mainly affect the regulations from the amended Infection Protection Act and the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, this entails the obligation to work from home and 3G proof at the workplace.

Validity of negative lateral flow tests, Obligation to wear face masks, 3G in libraries, Non-curricular or non-teaching events

The CAU is again setting up an e-mail list for vaccination offers e.g. from CAU's medical service.

As of today, you will find latest updates on the Corona website about the requirements for all employees to proof their 3G status; they will come into effect on November 24.

The federate state government of Schleswig-Holstein has decided not to tighten the regulations currently in place. This means that Kiel University will continue to operate in teaching, studying, conducting research, offering administration and services as before.

Please note: New location: Olshausenstraße 75 / S1, R.17 | 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (last admission)

Information about the "Covid Certificate" in OpenOlat

+++ Working on-site and home office +++ Consideration of immunisation status +++ Advice centres +++ Business trips +++ Meetings and business meetings, committee meetings +++ Job interviews +++

Examinations during the second examination period of the current summer semester 2021, Winter semester 2021/22, Examination periods in the winter semester 2021/22

Examinations during the second examination period of the current summer semester 2021, Winter semester 2021/22, Examination periods in the winter semester 2021/22

Since the size and diversity of our university require a great deal of detailed regulation, you will find an overview of the planned regulations below: Lectures and examinations, work places and vaccination service

Current specifications in the regulations, Course planning, 3G regulation, Contact tracing, Compensation for disadvantages, Second examination period summer semester 2021, Preliminary Master Enrolment

Current specifications in the regulations, 50 percent regulation, Information for planning lectures and organising rooms, Compensation for disadvantages, 3G regulation, Contact tracing, Examination periods for the winter semester 2021/22

3G rule at the university, additional hygiene measures, working on site, testing options for employees, survey results on vaccination status, and consultation services offered by the medical service

Last Tuesday, the federal-state-conference released its latest decision paper outlining the upcoming corona measures. The paper clearly indicates: In the months ahead, and especially in the upcoming winter term, corona measures are going to determine all aspects of our life.

As announced mobile vaccination teams will be on site at all universities in Schleswig-Holstein again; this includes the CAU too. Specifics of the service are outlined here. Please feel free to benefit from our vaccination offer, conveniently set up right here at the Campus.

Information on the framework hygiene concept, news from the university library, CAU card validation and vaccination offers.

New opening hours: Monday - Saturday 9:00-20:00.

Current regulations

Vaccination with Moderna or Johnson&Johnson possible on campus

All dates can be attended by all students of the Kiel universities. | 9 am - 5 pm

Supplementary information on the conduct of examinations in the summer semester 2021

News e.g. on student workstations, vaccination offers for students, home office regulations, job and appointment procedures.

First relaxation of the mask obligation

Even though the further course of the pandemic is not yet foreseeable, a return to a regular university live with on-site lectures is planned for the winter semester 2021/22, as far as possible under these special conditions.

Information on on-site-examinations in the 1st and 2nd examination period, rooms and space requirements

The UB opens up its open access area and function rooms, as well as relaxations e.g. in the area of events and museum visits.

CAU employees must prove that they belong to priority group 3 at the vaccination appointment by means of a confirmation from their employer, unless they already belong to a priority group for other reasons.

Current information on this summer semester

Following an amendment to the Federal Corona Vaccination Ordinance, all persons working at universities are now classified in priority group 3. This means that all CAU employees are eligible for vaccination, regardless of the activities they perform.

The university provides information about the home office obligation for employees, a new citizen test centre on campus, self-testing options and on the issue of vaccinations via the inhouse medical service.

In contrast to our hopes in autumn and winter, spring has not brought a positive turnaround in the development of infection figures. On contrary, the incidence figures are unfortunately continuing to rise significantly at present. Against the background of this dynamic, the state of…

Relaxations or Lockdown? The known restrictions on contacts as well as on public and private life will remain in place over Easter and until April 18. New: Only medical masks are allowed and rapid tests are offered.

For the first time, members of the Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" have been able to demonstrate a safe and efficient immune response to COVID-19 mRNA vaccines in patients undergoing immunosuppressive therapy.

In cooperation with a regional doctor's practice, the Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein has opened a Corona testing centre in the Sechseckbau near Mensa I.

For lots of us, the coronavirus crisis has become a personal crisis that not only affects our physical health, but can also affect our mental health in many cases. Outside help sometimes becomes necessary.

This week, the federal and state governments agreed on initial relaxations, which Schleswig-Holstein has now implemented in ordinances for universities as well. For CAU, this means that campus life will be limited to a few exceptions. The libraries and museums will gradually expand their services.

Another round of decisions by the federal and state governments is behind us. The current lockdown will be extended until March 7, and at the same time there will be initial relaxations in some areas. However, the CAU is not directly affected by this. Get more information...

Under current regulations, supervisors are obliged to carry out risk assessments for the activities of their employees at the university. The background to this measure is to ensure health protection if the presence of employees is absolutely necessary on site during a pandemic. The form "Risk…

New details on free attempts, free semester, provisional Master's enrolment and summer semester

Updates under the new regulations: Information for families, Home office and working on site, Obligation to wear masks, Studies and exams, Libraries, Other restrictions on university operations

All examinations in the 1st examination period must be conducted online. No examinations may take place in presence.

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Students receive up-to-date information about teaching, examinations and regulations concerning their studies during the Corona Pandemic. New: Quarantine regulation

Employees receive up-to-date information on duties and rules during the Corona pandemic. Update: Regulation for pregnant women

Lecturers receive up-to-date information on teaching and support services during the Corona pandemic. New: Update due to current ordiances (e.g. 3G regulation)

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