Distribution of CAU fabric face masks to university staff



Dear members of our University,

the university’s crisis management team agreed to introduce obligatory face masks in university buildings as from Monday 14 September. All university members and guests are therefore obliged to wear a face mask in all interior areas where people circulate. These include hallways, stairwells, lifts, sanitary facilities, kitchens, areas with contact to the public; so all areas where the minimum social distance of 1.5m cannot be adhered to for short periods. Further information can soon be found on the university's corona website.

As from mid October, Facility Management will provide fabric face masks for CAU staff from their storage facility. Please only use these for work, as they have the CAU logo on them.

Two masks can be handed out at any one time, as required. Department-wise output is recommended. After the initial distribution, new masks can only be issued in exchange for used CAU masks. Issued masks will be documented in order to coordinate the inventory and what has been handed out.

You can hand in hygienically packed used masks at the storage facility for cleaning and receive new masks in return. It is possible to contact the storage facility by internal mail to arrange a time to collect the masks, in order to prevent crowds forming - however, there may be slight waiting times.

Facility Management reserves the right to stop handing masks out to all staff if the need in other areas is assigned a higher priority.

Please observe the opening times and adhere to social distancing regulations in front of the storage facility. Regarding the organisation of face masks - please try to arrange institutional/departmental collection, to keep the number of people congregating at the storage facility as low as possible.

Thank you very much!

Facility Management