Certificates for Corona vaccinations

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As communicated on May 3, due to an amendment to the federal vaccination ordinance, university employees belong to priority group 3 and are therefore entitled to vaccination in Schleswig-Holstein from May 10. At CAU, this includes professors, academic staff, lecturers, technical and administrative staff as well as academic assistants.

The affiliation to this priority group must be proven at the appointment in a vaccination centre or in a general practitioner's practice by a confirmation of the employer. However, it is only necessary if you do not fulfil any of the other criteria from priority groups 1 to 3. Therefore, please only request the certificate if you are not eligible for other reasons (e.g. over 60 years).

The procedure for requesting the employer's certificate is as follows:

  • Certificates for CAU’s civil servants and employees covered by collective agreements are issued centrally by the Human Resources Department.
  • Certificates for lecturers and academic assistants are issued decentrally (see below).

Forms for the certificate are available on the Corona page of the CAU.

These are exclusively for people who are registered in Schleswig-Holstein. If you are registered in another federal state and want to be vaccinated there, you may need the confirmation on the form of that state. To the information of the individual federal states (German only).

You must use the German forms, please use the aid at the University’s website. Enter your name, date of birth and the address at which you are registered in the form for Schleswig-Holstein. Please also be sure to fill in the field for the postal address on the second page – even if this is identical to the address on page 1. The signed and stamped confirmation will be sent to your postal address by post.

Employees covered by collective agreements and civil servants should send the pre-filled document by e-mail or internal post to their respective personnel officer in the Human Resources Division. You can find an overview here:

The certificate will be signed by the Human Resources Division and sent to you immediately by post to the address you have given on page 2 of the form.

For lecturers and academic assistants in the faculties, the issuing of certificates is decentralised via the faculties and is delegated to the institutes/seminars there if necessary. Please find out who to contact via the website of your faculty or directly at your institute.

Academic assistants in the Central Facilities as well as in the Central Administration should send their certificates to their respective personnel officer:

Please take the opportunity for a vaccination, only through a high vaccination rate we will be able to overcome the current pandemic. I wish you every success for the upcoming appointments in GP practices or vaccination centres (www.impfen-sh.de/sh/start/termine). The CAU is also planning to continue offering vaccinations to CAU employees via inhouse medical service, but this will not be able to start until June at the earliest.

Yours sincerely
Claudia Ricarda Meyer,