Current information on exams and courses

Dear students,

In addition to the central information service on dealing with measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus and in addition to our circular e-mail dated 13.03.2020 “Coronavirus: teaching and exams”, we would like to provide you with some information below about the other regulations which are in place at the CAU. We hope to be able to answer lots of your questions with this list.


1. Examinations which do not require attendance

These are examinations where it is not necessary for examiners or students to be present, and they include term papers, take-home examinations, writing theses, etc. In principle, these examinations can still take place. Please have a look at the respective faculty’s website to find out about faculty-specific regulations.

2. Individual examinations which require attendance

Individual examinations include oral examinations, for example, where only one student is examined. In principle, these can still be held, although please note that faculty-specific regulations apply here and you should find out about these on the respective faculty’s website. You will receive separate information from the Centre for Teacher Training (ZfL) about examinations in the practical semester for the Master’s in Teacher Training.

3. Substitute achievements

Examiners can develop substitute achievements for examinations in which an equivalent option is possible. The responsible offices or departments will inform you promptly of potential substitute achievements. In special cases of hardship, substitute achievements can be considered, for example if just one last examination is left for a Master’s qualification. Please contact the responsible offices in your faculty in this regard (e.g. examiners, Examination Offices, Dean’s Offices).

4. Registrations/cancellations, withdrawals, absence from exams, extending deadlines

  • Registrations for examinations that have already been made remain unchanged. There will be a new, separate registration period for students who have already withdrawn from exams. This will be announced in due course.
  • The deadline for withdrawals will be extended until further notice, and a new date will be determined as soon as make-up exams can be scheduled. Until further notice, it is possible to withdraw without providing proof of a valid reason.
  • Deadline extensions can be granted for term papers and similar pieces or work. Please observe the faculty-specific regulations in this regard. Please find out about the regulations for extending deadlines from the faculty responsible.

5. Bachelor’s/Master's theses

  • Deadline extensions can be granted, for example, to cover the time when libraries, labs, etc. are closed. Please find out about this from the faculty responsible.
  • Until further notice, it is possible to withdraw without providing proof of a valid reason.
  • The main gate is constantly manned, so that theses and so on can be handed in on time here.
  • In order to adhere to a deadline, theses can also be submitted to the relevant Examination Office as a PDF file via stu-Mail, as long as it is not possible to print and bind the theses because the copy shops are closed. The prescribed type and number of printed and bound copies are to be submitted later, as soon as this becomes possible again. The digital file submitted before the deadline must be identical to the printed and bound copy handed in later.
  • Please note that there may be delays in assessing the theses due to the current circumstances.

6.         Qualification certificates

The university is making every effort to ensure that qualification certificates will be issued within the scope of an emergency operation mode.

7.         Recognising internships

Please find out about the conditions for recognising discontinued internships from the faculty responsible.

8.         Regulations for state examinations

Special regulations apply to state examinations. The responsible faculties will publish information about state examinations on their websites.

9.         General information

  • Examination Offices can be reached by telephone or e-mail, in some cases with restricted hours. 
  • Applications by e-mail: as many of the staff at the Examination Offices are working from home, any necessary applications should be made via stu-Mail wherever possible.


1. Face-to-face lectures

No face-to-face lectures will take place up to and including 19.04.2020. This affects all courses which require attendance, as well as preliminary meetings for seminars and the like. UnivIS entries for the start of lectures are invalid until further notice.

2. Alternative course formats

Wherever possible, alternative teaching and learning formats which do not require attendance by lecturers and students will be offered. The responsible offices or departments will inform you of these in due time. Please assume that digital teaching and learning formats will be made possible in many cases and coordinated with you before or at the start of the semester.

Please regularly check the CAU’s information pages:  and the faculty pages.

We ask you all for your understanding with these extraordinary regulations and for your support with implementing them together in what will surely be a very exceptional semester. Thank you very much in advance!


With kind regards,
The University Board at the CAU