Important information about examinations in the summer semester 2020

Dear students,

We would like to take this opportunity to give you an overview of important information about the examination phases during this semester. The following information is addressed to students of the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes. Please note the information on deviating regulations at the end of this e-mail.

Examination periods

As usual, a first and second examination period will be offered for the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in the summer semester 2020. In addition, an additional examination period will be offered, for examinations deferred during the second examination period in the winter semester 2019/20. The examination periods had to be scheduled differently to the normal timetable, and there are faculty-specific arrangements to be noted. You can find more information at:

Registration and cancellation periods

There are individual registration and cancellation periods for the respective BA and MA degree programme examination periods, which last for two weeks and end approximately two weeks before the examination. Notwithstanding this, there is the possibility to cancel online and attendance written examinations up to 8 days before the examination date.

Registrations for examinations that were postponed during the second examination period of the winter semester will be automatically carried over to the make-up examination period. Therefore, please check the registration status, and if necessary either cancel or re-register for the second examination period of the winter semester 19/20 (additional examination period). Cancellation of examinations for the additional examination period of the winter semester 19/20 and re-registration for the first or second examination period of the summer semester is possible online, if the respective examination is also offered during this period.

Withdrawal from attendance and online examinations

After the above-mentioned cancellation periods have expired, withdrawal from registered examinations is only possible for valid reasons. Please use the appropriate form for the withdrawal application . If the withdrawal is due to illness, please also submit the form certifying the student's inability to take the examination.

Further information on the withdrawal procedure

Online examinations:

  • If technical problems occur before an online examination, please submit the above-mentioned withdrawal application, and for technical problems please tick the box "other valid reasons". Please send us a short written explanation of the problems together with the application. Proof of the technical problems is not required.
  • If technical problems occur during an online examination, please immediately inform the supervisor(s) by phone/e-mail etc., so that any issues, such as questions about the e-learning platform, can be resolved as quickly as possible. If you are unable to complete the examination due to the problems which occur, please also immediately submit the above-mentioned withdrawal application, including a written explanation, and please refer to the contact with the supervisor.

Compensation for disadvantages

Students in special circumstances (pregnancy, raising children, caring for relatives) and with chronic illnesses and disabilities have the possibility to apply for compensation for disadvantages. In the summer semester 2020, this possibility also exists for coronavirus-related disadvantages (e.g. quarantine, belonging to a high-risk group, lack of technical facilities, etc.). In your own interest, please submit the application to your Examination Office in good time and as soon as possible before the examination, so that an equivalent alternative or another compensatory measure for disadvantages can be found, where possible.

Further information on special circumstances

Digital examinations

During the summer semester, digital alternatives will be offered in the modules in which an attendance examination can be replaced by an online examination. Some of these examinations will take place using the OpenOLAT learning platform. To help you become familiar with the technical conditions during an online examination beforehand, the eLearning Service at the CAU offers information events on topics including the following:

  • What equipment do I need for digital examinations / e-exams?
  • What happens in the case of technical or other problems?
  • What do e-exams look like in OpenOLAT?

Information on the event dates can be found on the homepage of the OpenOLAT platform.

Attendance examinations: coronavirus-related hygiene and protective measures / organisational matters

Due to the current situation, attendance examinations will take place under special conditions. In accordance with the regulations of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, Kiel University has developed a Hygiene Conceptual Framework, which applies to organising and conducting examinations. For you, this means, among other things:

  • Please ensure that you arrive punctually at the venue before the start of the examination, at the time specified to you in advance. The registration and identity checks will be carried out in compliance with the social distancing requirements, and will therefore take more time than usual; for example, you might already have to be at the venue one hour before the start of the examination. Therefore, please note the organisational information given to you in advance by your examiners, and where applicable also by your Examination Office.
  • You may only sit attendance examinations if - to the best of your knowledge - you are currently healthy, not infected with COVID-19 and have no respiratory symptoms. You will be reminded of this fact during the admission check before the examination.
  • If you have respiratory symptoms due to an allergy or similar conditions, we recommend that you inform your examiners in advance, and, if possible, provide a medical certificate stating that the symptoms are due to an allergy or similar reason.
  • Please bring a face mask with you to the examination, which must be worn at all times until you are seated for the examination. You may remove your face mask at your desk and during the written examination.
  • The social distancing requirements will be complied with in the examination rooms by marking usable places accordingly; you will also find information on routes/queueing etc. in the waiting area and on the way to the examination rooms.  

Updating your contact details in the CAU portal

Please enter your telephone number in the CAU portal by the end of the registration period, or check whether the number you have provided is up to date, so that the health authorities can reach you as soon as possible in the event of an infection. Please also ensure that your contact details always remain up to date afterwards. If you have not entered a telephone number in the CAU portal, you will be asked to provide one during the admission check. If you do not provide this information, then it is not possible to sit the examination.

For the protection of students and employees, we can only conduct attendance examinations under the above-mentioned conditions. Thank you for your understanding.

Deviating regulations

  • Please note that there are different registration periods, withdrawal deadlines and regulations for disadvantage compensation for the degree programme in Law. These can be found on the internet page of the Faculty of Law under “Corona-Sonderregelungen" (This page is only available in German).  The Examination Office at the Faculty of Law will also inform students about the different regulations by e-mail.
  • Students of Medicine and Dentistry will be informed separately by their faculty.
  • The degree programme in Pharmacy has its own regulations, which will be communicated via the usual channels.



If you have any questions, please contact either the Examination Office responsible for you or the examination, your examiners or You can also find more details on the central corona website.

Good luck with your exams!

With best regards,
The University Board