Corona-Update: first indications of new regulations

Dear members of the University,

All state governments are currently pushing for corona measures to be tightened in view of the further increase in infection and death figures, so does Schleswig-Holstein. At the beginning of next week, we expect more extensive regulations and restrictions for the period until Christmas and New Year until January. At present, however, we cannot yet foresee to what extent and for how long the operation of the university will be affected, especially with regard to the practical courses and the examinations, which may be planned in attendance. We will inform you as soon as possible as further information becomes available.

For the clinical section of human medicine, the Faculty of Medicine has suspended attendance courses at UKSH from December 14 until January 10 for the time being.

Initial measures for the school sector have already been communicated today by the state government of Schleswig-Holstein. As of Monday, December 14, 2020, all schools will no longer offer attendance lessons for pupils from grade 8 onwards. For grades 1 to 7, parents are called upon to check, whether their children can stay at home. To the regulations of the Ministry of Education for the week from December 14 to 18.

There are no restrictions on kindergartens yet, but also in this case the state government calls for parents to look after their children at home. We would ask all affected employees to check, whether they can follow these appeals by making use of the possibilities offered by flexible working hours.

In order to further limit contacts on site at the university, we also ask all supervisors to communicate with their employees the possibilities of further limiting their presence on site at the university. Please make use of the organisational possibilities and the instruments of flexible working hours.

We, the University Board, are aware that all employees are being asked a lot by these measures. Work processes are severely restricted, there is no collegial working possible, and coordination with colleagues and superiors is often much more complex. We would like to thank all employees for their great commitment to the university, even under these difficult conditions, whether in teaching, research, administration or infrastructure. At the same time, we appeal to you to always be aware of these limitations in your collaboration in and with all areas of work, and to meet each other with realistic expectations and requirements.

The coming weeks will demand a lot from all of us personally, but only through the actions and sense of responsibility of each individual will it be possible to get a lasting grip on the current infection rate. Please make your contribution to this, also follow the regulations applicable in your place of residence, including those on contact reduction, and stay healthy!

With kind regards
Claudia Ricarda Meyer, Chancellor