Corona update: more rules expire

Basic rule still applies: if you are sick, stay at home!

Dear members of the university,

More COVID rules and restrictions at national level are currently expiring: as from 02.02.2023 there are no more mandatory face masks on long-distance trains, and the SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance will be lifted, also as from 02.02.2023. The University Board is therefore immediately discontinuing the CAU’s Hygiene Conceptual Framework.

This means that all restrictive regulations at the workplace will cease to apply. Please remember, though, that basic hygiene rules are still sensible in light of the very high occurrence of illness at the moment, and follow the basic rule of if you are sick, stay at home!

Protective measures can and should still be taken for those in need of special protection, on the basis of individual risk assessments. You can find information about this on the CAU’s corona website, which we have now reduced considerably but which will remain active for the time being. You can find current reports and information there as needed.

We have been living and working with the pandemic’s restrictions for almost three years now, and they have been extremely challenging for us all, costing us a great deal of strength. We are now on the final leg of this marathon. Let us keep being considerate and understanding of others so that we can also overcome what will hopefully be the last few metres, together. Thank you all very much for your efforts!

With kind regards,
Claudia Meyer