Masks are obligatory



Dear members of the university,

the corona pandemic has turned our everyday lives upside down in the past weeks and months. Each and every one of us has had to cope with personal and professional changes, and this situation will continue for some time to come. The federal state of Schleswig-Holstein is currently working on new regulations in agreement with the universities. These regulations will lay down the rules for the universities, especially for on-site courses in the winter semester. In addition, since the mask requirement in public authorities has been in force since the beginning of September, a mask requirement for the internal traffic areas of the universities will also be part of this regulation.
In anticipation of this, as well as because of the colder season now approaching and the associated changes in ventilation and room conditions, the university crisis management team has decided to introduce the duty to wear masks in university buildings from Monday, September 14. All members and guests of the university are thus obliged to cover their mouth and nose with a mask on all internal common areas. This includes corridors, staircases, elevators, sanitary facilities, kitchenettes, areas with public traffic, i.e. all areas where the minimum distance of 1.5 meters could be undercut at short notice. Further information will be available shortly here on the Corona website of the university.
Detailed information about further regulations will probably be available next week, after the new state regulation has been published.
With kind regards,
Claudia Ricarda Meyer
Chancellor of Kiel University