Creation of pool workstations at the CAU for university employees

At Boschstraße 1, two pool PC workstations were set up for university employees. These are primarily intended for employees who do not have the possibility to work at home or who need another workplace on campus due to the distance rules in a multi-occupied office.  These are rooms EG.014 and EG.004, where it is possible to log into the university network via the FortiClient VPN. Via "Dieser PC" you can access your drives after successful login. If you have any questions, please contact the PC support. Before the first use we recommend a short consultation with the PC support. The rooms can be booked by hour via the regular room booking in UnivIS by Stefanie Springborn

The keys for the two rooms mentioned above can be picked up at the main gate CAP4 in addition to disinfection towels, after presentation of the booking confirmation. Please return the key and the disinfection wipes after cleaning the workstation at the main gate (wipe keyboard and mouse as well as table).

If you have any comments on the procedure/workstations, please write your feedback to Katrin Konarsky..