Preliminary information Corona measures as of 11.01.2021

Dear members of the University,

The current lockdown will be extended. On the basis of the further increase in the number of infections and death figures as well as the additional risks due to mutations of the coronavirus, the federal and state governments decided on Tuesday to continue the current restrictions until January 31. In some cases, these will be tightened. The resolutions passed are currently being implemented at the state level in Schleswig-Holstein and we expect the publication of the Corona Ordinance for Universities this coming weekend. In the manner already known, we will inform you in detail on Saturday or Sunday about the measures and restrictions that will apply to CAU from January 11 by means of a circular email and on this Corona website. 

We are currently assuming that the current regulations for teaching, research and administrative operations at the university will be continued. This means, above all, that the presence on site is to be reduced to the absolute minimum and that all libraries of the university can only offer a very limited service. 

In consultation with the faculties, practical courses are to be resumed on site. This applies to those cases where their omission would lead to delays in completing the degree. However, this requires the corresponding enabling via the Corona Ordinance for Universities, which, as already mentioned, will not be available until the weekend. We ask for your understanding that we cannot make any definitive statements on this today.

Similarly, we are still dependent on further information from the state as to what options there will be for employees and students with children in reaction to the closures of schools and Kindergartens. The loss of childcare options and the requirements of homeschooling certainly pose the greatest challenges for those affected. I would like to point out that the university board is aware of these multiple burdens and the fact that, as a result, the same performance cannot be expected as in "normal operation". We are therefore endeavouring to take these burdens into account as best we can.

Yours sincerely
Claudia Ricarda Meyer, Chancellor