Corona update: Regulations for Kiel University as of 15.11.2021

Dear University Members,

Over the last months, we updated you in our mailings when a new corona policy by the state of Schleswig-Holstein came into effect. Today, we would like to update you on the COVID policy currently in place at Kiel University.

Looking at the latest developments across Germany, we are fairly concerned about the steadily increasing incidences and hospitalisation rates. However, the trend here in Schleswig-Holstein has not been dramatic so far; one reason among others is the very high vaccination rate of the population in comparison to all Germany.

The federate state government of Schleswig-Holstein has therefore decided not to tighten the regulations currently in place. This means that Kiel University will continue to operate in teaching, studying, conducting research, offering administration and services as before – however, adhering to our hygiene policy is key:

  1. Stick to the very comprehensive mask obligation! This applies to all walkways in the buildings of Kiel University and, apart from a few, specifically defined exceptions, at all lectures and meetings.
  2. Do not enter the campus when suffering from symptoms of a bad cold, but have them checked by a doctor and, if necessary, take a antigen test or, at the doctor’s request, a PCR test.
  3. Follow hand and sneeze etiquette on site and air rooms regularly, i.e. every 20 to 30 minutes, if several people are staying together in one room for a longer period of time.
  4. The 3G rule applies to all members of Kiel University, even if it is not checked comprehensively or in individual areas. You may only be allowed to stay at campus if you are vaccinated, recovered or currently tested negative.
  5. Presenting the respective certificates and verify your identity are the key aspects of each 3G check. Therefore, please also have your ID card or drivers licence handy – without being asked.
  6. Employees who are neither vaccinated nor recovered are asked to conduct a daily rapid antigen test when present at the workplace. Test kits will be provided by Kiel University.

Adhering to those rules is key; since it is a prerequisite to maintain face-to-face teaching and on-site working. Therefor we rely on your contribution and acting responsible, this is vital to protect yourself and others. You can find detailed information on the hygiene rules and their implementation in the various areas of our campus on the corona pages of Kiel University.

We will of course keep you updated about further developments and changes of federal regulations.

Yours sincerely,
Claudia Meyer