Current information on travelling to the university from risk areas within Germany and on business trips



Dear members of our university,

We are currently experiencing a worrying rise in the infection rates in Germany. It is true that Schleswig-Holstein and Kiel are still in a comparatively good position, but even here increasing numbers of cases are being reported. We are all called upon to do our bit to flatten this curve again so that we do not have to return to considerable restrictions on our private lives as well as university operations.

In the current situation, our common goal is to be able to continue as far as is possible with face-to-face research, teaching and study as well as other activities at the university digitally as far as possible and, in justified cases, also on site under consistent adherence to the hygiene and social distancing rules. In particular, the start of a hybrid semester from November 2, 2020, which has been subject to lengthy and very intensive preparations, should not be jeopardised by face-to-face components that are especially important for the first semester students (freshers) and for practical lectures.

The University Board, crisis management team, deans, and deans of studies are currently holding intensive discussions on how university operations in teaching, research, administration and services within the state of Schleswig-Holstein adhere to the given regulations and at the same time minimise the risk of infection for each individual and how the further spread of the virus can be countered. Over the course of the week, we will provide you with detailed rules, particularly regarding the organisation of face-to-face activities in institutes and departments, the home office and for advisory and service facilities, by circular e-mail and as usual on the CAU’s coronavirus website.

Due to numerous queries, however, we would like to take this opportunity to provide you with information on travelling to Kiel from risk areas within Germany as well as conducting business trips. 

  1. As long as the regulations of the state of Schleswig-Holstein do not state otherwise, in principle, you can continue to travel to Kiel and go to work or study on campus from a German risk area, i.e. from a town, city or region with a high infection rate.
  2. As before, however, the University Board requests that, on the basis of your individual behaviour and your individual risk prevention, you consider with appropriate responsibility whether to travel to the university from a risk area until further notice. If it is not absolutely necessary for you to be present on campus to carry out your work or study and if digital alternatives exist – i.e. if you can also do your work from home or attend lectures digitally – please make use of these options. We request that all university employees discuss and agree on how to proceed with their supervisors. Please also note the information on working from home here on the CAU’s coronavirus website.
  3. We also request that business trips are generally avoided in the present situation and only conducted if digital alternatives do not exist or a postponement is not possible as very urgent matters are involved. Business trips in risk areas – whether within Germany or abroad – are not to be approved until further notice.

We must all do our bit through personal behaviour within and outside Kiel University to minimise the infection risk for ourselves and others and prevent a further worsening of the infection situation and restrictions resulting from this, such as closure of schools and nurseries or extensive contact restrictions. The extremely challenging experiences we had with these measures in spring 2020 should act as a motivation for us all!

In order to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus, it is necessary to jointly implement important infection control measures. The focus is on this formula: keep your distance, follow hygiene rules and wear a mask. In autumn and winter, regular airing is also very important. Make also use of the Corona-Warn-App – an app which informs users about contacts with infected persons. The more people join in, the easier it is to interrupt infection chains!

You will receive a detailed update on the corona-related regulations and measures applicable to the CAU in the next few days. If you have any questions, please contact

With kind regards,
Claudia Ricarda Meyer, Chancellor