Just saying thank you



Dear staff and members of our University,

A university in corona times – this challenges us all in our own particular way. Even if we can completely see that others are much more badly affected than we are ourselves, we all faced large issues with the new forms of teaching, learning, researching and working under pandemic conditions. We had to harmonise work and family, or work from home without the usual contact with our colleagues, pretty much without any time to prepare, and often under difficult circumstances.

Thanks to an enormous effort and with a lot of support, we have still managed to create a semester which we can all learn a lot from. To organise administration which allows us to work. And to conduct research and make it accessible to others, which is extremely important in many areas right now. Of course there are restrictions, but it is more impressive than we could all have imagined just a few months ago.

For this, we would like to say THANK YOU – to you and with you! Write to us and let us know which people you would particularly like to thank in your department. Thank them for taking care of the buildings while you were working from home; for giving you tips for digital teaching; for understanding that producing the usual level of performance was not possible during this period; or simply just to thank them for listening to your worries and troubles.

We look forward to reading your brief, concise contributions which show that the CAU is a university that sticks together when necessary!

Write to us!

Who would you especially like to say “thank you!” to in these moving times? Who helped you to keep going during these adverse conditions? Send us your personal messages to “just say thank you!” From work or home, to your fellow students or colleagues, big or small. Either by text, photo, selfie, audio or video file.

Please send your contributions (up to max. 10 MB) by e-mail with the subject line “Saying Thank You” to: presse@uv.uni-kiel.de 

All entries will be posted on the CAU corona website: www.uni-kiel.de/de/coronavirus/danke

With best regards,
The University Board