Corona update: e.g. home office obligation and citizen test stations on campus

Dear University Members,
In the following we would like to inform you about several recent developments regarding the handling of the Corona pandemic at CAU.

1. Regarding self-administered tests for employees

Since Easter, the University has been providing SARS-CoV-2 rapid tests to its employees for self-aministered tests. These are ordered through supervisors and coordinated within their teams. All employees who do not work exclusively in the home office can test themselves twice a week. The rapid tests are procured by the state of Schleswig-Holstein and redistributed within the university. The tests come from changing providers. Therefore, before taking the tests, please be sure to read the instructions provided for the various providers, which are included in the packages supplied and are also provided at:

2. Test stations for citizens on the campus of Kiel University

On April 29, 2021, a second test station will open at the campus. In addition to the offer at the Studentenwerk (Sechseckbau) near Mensa I, interested parties will now also find a testing opportunity in the University's Sports Forum, Olshausenstraße 72. The two testing stations are available to all citizens and thus also to members of the University. You should make use of this offer especially if you need an official confirmation about the test. Such a confirmation cannot be issued by the University.

The testing station in the Sports Forum is open from Monday to Friday between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., if necessary the opening hours will be adjusted according to demand. Please note that an appointment reservation via the website (German only) is necessary. The reservation works via the browser. You do not need an app. 

The citizen test station in the Sechseckbau, which has already been open since April 6, has extended its opening hours and service. The station is open to all citizens Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. You can also get tested here several times a week. Detailed information on both stations

Whether self-testing within the university or a rapid test at a test station on campus or elsewhere: please be sure to observe the following handouts and reporting chains in the event of a positive test result:

Please always be aware: Even a negative rapid test is only a snapshot, it does not suspend the applicable hygiene and distance rules. Please continue to adhere to these rules as usual!

3. Home office obligation for employees

As a result of the amendment to the Infection Protection Act (Infektionsschutzgesetz, IfSG), which came into force last Friday, not only the university as employer has the obligation to offer its employees home office wherever the official duties allow it. With the amendment to the Infection Protection Act, employees now also have the obligation to accept this offer, provided there are no reasons on their part to the contrary. In addition to the nature of the work, reasons may include the nature of the workplace at home (e.g. confined space, interference from third parties or inadequate technical equipment).

All employees and their superiors are requested to again thoroughly examine the possibilities of working in a home office and to document if and for what reasons home office is not possible. Further information can shortly be found here.

4. Vaccinations

Due to numerous enquiries, we want to point out that, according to the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Health, teachers at universities do not receive the same prioritisation for vaccinations as teachers at schools. This is due to the federal regulation on vaccination prioritisation and not a decision by the CAU.

However, we are preparing – similarly to the annual flu vaccination – to offer Corona vaccinations via the university’s medical service. The prerequisites are that the inhouse medical services are involved in the vaccination campaign and that sufficient vaccine is available. This will probably be the case from June onwards, but specific vaccination dates are not yet foreseeable. We will provide further information on this as soon as there are more recent developments. 

Yours sincerely
Claudia Ricarda Meyer