Corona update: Changes to university operations from December 13

Dear member of the University,

We would like to inform you about changes to the 3G proof checks at the CAU as of 13.12.21.

Based on the new state regulations regarding special measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus at universities, admission to lectures and examinations still requires all participants to provide proof of being fully vaccinated, recovered or a negative COVID-19 test result. The latter may not be older than 24 hours, or 48 hours for a PCR test.

Effective 13.12.2021 3G checks for admission to lectures and examinations will be conducted everywhere. All 3G checks at Kiel University (including admission to the libraries) will require official 3G certificates with a QR code only (in digital or paper form):

  • According to the currently applicable regulation on combating the corona virus, the 3G proof must be scanned using the official CovPassCheckApp by the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI)  if proof with a QR code is presented.
  • When checking proof with a QR code, an official form of photo identification (ID card, passport, driver’s licence) must also be checked, unless you know the individual personally. The CAU Card is not enough to prove your identity.
  • Exceptions: In justified cases of exception (student does not have a smartphone, smartphone is broken, etc.) official 3G proof without a QR code in combination with valid photo ID can be accepted.

Please plan in enough time for the 3G checks. Please have your 3G proof with QR code and your official photo ID handy so that the checks can be conducted as quickly as possible.

It is no longer possible to use the OLAT tool for the 3G checks, because the requirements in the state regulations have been tightened and manipulation cannot be excluded.

During the lecture period, 3G checks on campus effective 13.12.2021 in the large, centrally managed buildings (CAP 2, CAP 3, OS 40, OS 75,WSP1+3 (main entrance) and LS2 date 10.12.)will be conducted by security staff; they will be based in the entrances to the respective buildings. All people (students, staff, guests) wishing to enter the building will be checked. 3G checks in the othercentrally managed buildings LS1, LS6, LMS11a, LMS 8 will be organised according to lectures by the respective institutes. 3G checks in externally managed buildings/rooms will be organised by the respective faculties/institutes.

All people entrusted with 3G checks will receive an updated handout about the 3G checks from their faculties.

The changes to the requirements for lectures only have an indirect impact on 3G proof for staff at the workplace. Please be prepared for the checks at the buildings mentioned above as well as random spot checks at other buildings and throughout the campus. Please always carry your 3G certificate with the QR code and your photo ID with you.

The state regulations regarding special measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus at universities applicable as of 13.12.21 also stipulate mandatory face masks in lectures (surgical or FFP2 masks). As the comprehensive obligation to wear face masks (surgical or FFP2 masks) in lectures, at student workplaces and in the CAU libraries has already applied since 24.11.21, there will be no changes for the CAU in this regard.

We would like to remind everyone to be lenient regarding lectures with compulsory attendance on account of the ongoing pandemic situation; this applies in particular when it comes to rules on absence in the respective degree-specific examination regulations (e.g. in the event of quarantines, when respiratory symptoms are present, etc.). The lecturers are entitled to decide on this and on the offer of any substitute achievements or other compensatory measures, under consideration of the legal requirements, the learning objectives for the respective module and the organisational options. Lecturers will receive additional information and a handout detailing the Corona-Satzung (coronavirus rules) of Kiel University from their faculties.

The new changes following the pandemic situation and the legal framework conditions resulting from this mean at least some additional effort; they place a strain on all of us. Therefore we kindly ask for your understanding and wish you all a lovely festive period.

With best regards,
Claudia Meyer, Chancellor
Prof. Markus Hundt, Vice President