Corona-Update: Current measurements from May 10

Dear members of the university,

For a good two months now, the corona virus has been substantially restricting our work and our cooperation. The Federal and the State Governments have decided last week to loosen up further restrictions due to the positive development of the corona pandemic. In the following, we will inform you about the effects this will have on the work of our university.

The state of Schleswig-Holstein actually plans to allow further "events of a sessional nature" with up to 50 persons for the universities from 18 May onwards, in addition to the practical events already permitted. This would allow, for example, committee meetings to be held in attendance again. Canteens are also to be allowed to open again with restrictions, subject to certain conditions. At the same time, the Ministry of Science urges the universities to limit their on-site presence to an absolutely necessary minimum. This means, for example, that the current summer semester should be continued as far as possible as an online semester. Presence teaching will remain the exception and will only take place if there is no digital alternative. Meetings, meetings of commissions and committees or even lectures on appointments should also continue to be conducted digitally as far as possible.

In accordance with a decree from the State Chancellery, state employees will continue to work in their home office wherever possible until further notice. However, employees must be able to perform work at the university if this is not possible in the home office. The prerequisites for this are regulations in the respective areas, such as shift operation, changing rhythms in the staffing of facilities or departments, as well as appropriate hygiene and distance regulations. Offices usually used by two persons may only be occupied by one person.

Special protective provisions are valid for persons at risk, i.e. persons with pre-illnesses. These must be specially protected. To assess whether you or your employees belong to this group, please refer to the information on the CAU's corona information page at In case of doubt, the individual risk of working on site should be clarified with the general practitioner and the company doctor. Further advice and assistance for employees and superiors will be published on the above-mentioned website in the course of the next week.

A prerequisite for all further loosening on the campus is the framework hygiene concept, which is currently being developed by the crisis management team in close cooperation with the Presidential Board and the faculties. It will describe in detail how a limited presence at our university can be gradually resumed. In addition, it will determine which general hygiene and protective measures must be taken and observed for specific attendance formats and facilities so that they can be held or opened. This concerns, for example, facilities such as libraries or museums. The concept still has to be approved by the public health department of the City of Kiel. We will inform you as soon as these facilities can resume operations.

We know that the limitations and individual burdens associated with the Corona pandemic are causing many of you considerable private or family worries. Whether it is looking after children and relatives, taking care of your own health or that of your relatives, homeschooling, preparing for seminars or teaching from your home office or the threat of losing your partner's job. The Corona crisis is frightening.  We need strength and courage to cope with it. On behalf of the Presidium, we would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation. We are very impressed by the fact that all of you in your positions, despite the enormous restrictions and burdens, continue to ensure that the university can continue to operate its work. We expect superiors to keep these particular burdens in mind when making decisions. We all very much hope that at least some problems can be solved in the near future.

You can still find information about all results and the current state of the Corona pandemic on the Corona website of the university.

Stay healthy and patient
Claudia Ricarda Meyer, Chancellor
Lutz Kipp, University President