Supplementary information on the conduct of examinations in the summer semester 2021

Dear members of the University,

Today  we would like to provide you with specific instructions and explanations on how to conduct examinations in the current summer semester:

Rooms have been made available for all requested on-site examinations, and all UnivIS representatives have been informed of this by the event management team. Should you have any further room requirements at short notice, please do not hesitate to contact the event management

The examinations on site will be able to take place under very similar conditions as the examinations in the previous summer semester:

  • The familiar distance and hygiene regulations continue to apply;
  • As before, the decentralised facilities can also order disinfectants etc. via;
  • Envelopes for the distribution and collection of examinations are no longer necessary from the point of view of infection control; should institutions nevertheless decide to use envelopes, we ask for independent coordination;
  • The registration stations from last summer can be used again and are usually still on site. If you have any questions about this or need additional stations, please contact the event management team at

In addition, as last summer, an examination tent will be used. This year, it is located on the ELAC grounds, Neufeldtstraße 10, and has two entrances and four registration stations. The technical and organisational support on site as well as the opening and closing will be carried out by employees of the main gate, who will be on site 45 minutes before the start of each examination. For example, if an examination starts at 8.00 a.m., examiners can be admitted from 7.15 a.m. for preparation.

A barrier-free toilet is located directly next to the tent. Other sanitary facilities are signposted on site and can be reached by foot within a short distance.

The tent will remain set up until October 29 inclusive, so that it will be available and can be booked for the second examination period of the summer semester and for first semester welcomes. As last year, the seating and a sound system will be available for events in the tent. Further technical equipment such as a beamer is not available. The tent has seating for 360 people. The tent offers seating for 360 people. The examination tent will be adequately ventilated and heated.

Please note for your further planning that the tent cannot be used in the period from September 10 to October 3 for organisational reasons.

The hall on the 1st floor of Mensa 1 is also available again during the 1st examination period. This hall has an entrance from the street "Am Studentenhaus" and two registration stations. On-site supervision as well as opening and closing will also be carried out by employees of the main gate, who will be on site 45 minutes before the start of each examination.

Handouts, checklists, etc. :

There have been no changes to the regulations for online examinations compared to the regulations for the winter semester 2020/21.

All documents provided have been updated in the past few days and adapted to the current regulations. However, the current Higher Education Corona Ordinance - HochschulencoronaVO is currently only valid until July 24. Therefore, we cannot give an absolute guarantee today that the framework conditions for the examinations will be unchanged from August 2. However, we do not expect any major changes and will of course inform you immediately about the framework conditions and possible concrete effects on the planned examinations via circular email as soon as we know them.

Yours sincerely
Prof. Markus Hundt
Vice President