Corona update: Regulations for examinations

Dear members of the University,

As already announced in the circular e-mail dated 07.01., we would like to provide information about the measures that are being taken regarding examinations in the ongoing winter semester 2021/22 as a result of the current pandemic developments.

The following applies for all examinations for the winter semester 2021/22:

All examinations must be conducted digitally. Exceptions will only be made if it is absolutely not possible to conduct an examination digitally (e.g. due to practical components or because safety aspects that are necessary for working in a lab need to be examined).

If an examination absolutely must be conducted in attendance, a request must be submitted to the Dean of the respective institute to decide if this is permissible.

An announcement must be made regarding whether a change to the previously declared form of examination is envisaged; for examinations in the first examination period, this must be done, if possible, before the end of the exam registration period (16.01.), but at the latest 14 days before the exam date. Lecturers will inform their students directly in the event of any changes.

In order to make exam preparation and planning as reliable as possible for everyone involved, we would like to point out that this regulation mentioned above will also apply to examinations which are planned for after the first examination period or during the period from March until lectures start in mid April 2022.

It is not clear at this stage whether a free attempt regulation will apply for the exams for the winter semester. This regulation, as well as another free semester, requires an adjustment to the Higher Education Supplementary Regulations (HEVO) by the state. We will inform you quickly should these regulations change. (The state provided information on the current status on 13.1.2022: To the announcement of the Ministry of Education (German only))

We would also like to remind everyone to be lenient regarding lectures with compulsory attendance, a few of which are still taking place at the moment, on account of the ongoing pandemic situation when it comes to rules on absence in the respective degree-specific examination regulations (e.g. in the event of quarantines, when respiratory symptoms are present, etc.). The lecturers are entitled to decide on this and on the offer of any substitute achievements or other compensatory measures, under consideration of the legal requirements, the learning objectives for the respective module and the organisational options.

We will inform you about all further developments in the usual manner. Please keep an eye on the current information on this corona website.

We are aware that these short notice measures on account of the current pandemic situation require additional effort for everyone involved and are very grateful for your understanding and acceptance.

With kind regards,

Claudia Ricarda Meyer, Chancellor
Prof. Dr Markus Hundt, Vice-President