Corona-Update: The current coronavirus regulations at the CAU will apply until 25.05.22

Dear members of the university,

The University Board has decided to once again extend the general requirement to wear face masks in Kiel University’s buildings until 25.05.2022. This decision is still based on the government’s SARS-CoV-2 Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance which currently applies until 25.05.2022.

The expiry of this ordinance will give us as the University Management grounds to review and adjust the regulations for CAU members one more time. We will inform you of any changes in good time.

Until then, we ask for your understanding for the measures taken, because although the number of infections reported by members of our university is following the general trend in Schleswig-Holstein and is fortunately declining, the overall figure is still very high. And the Occupational Safety and Health Ordinance means that the university is still obliged to take measure to prevent infection within the university. Our goal is to enable as much on-site activity as possible for everyone.

The University Board is aware that some members of the university consider the measures to protect against infection to be too extreme, and that other people would prefer more protection because they are particularly at risk due to pre-existing conditions, for example. As the University Board, we bear the overall responsibility for everyone at the university and have to find a balance between fulfilling requirements and appropriately reflecting general developments.

Please continue to show consideration for one another!

With kind regards,

Claudia Meyer, Chancellor