Corona regulations for students and lecturers: Free attempt, free semester, exceeding incidence figures

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Students,

We would like to inform you today about the state's Higher Education Corona Ordinance, which was amended on April 30. And we provide further details on the regulations of the "Corona Higher Education Supplementary Ordinance" of the Ministry of Science dated April 22 regarding the free attempt and the "free semester" for the current summer semester 2021.

Free attempt

The University Board as well as the deans and deans of studies of all faculties, have decided on the basis of the Corona Higher Education Supplementary Regulation (Corona-HEVO): A free attempt will be granted for all examinations taken and not passed in the summer semester 2021. This includes, among other things, examinations on site, term papers and examinations during courses; this regulation does not apply to final theses. Thus, the regulations already applied in the winter semester will be adopted unchanged for the summer semester.

  • The free attempt regulation covers examinations which are assigned to the summer semester 2021 but which take place at a later date for organisational reasons, in particular for examinations in the 2nd examination period of the summer semester 2021.
  • For students who care for or look after children under the age of 14 and whose learning or examination situation is significantly impeded due to the closure of schools and day-care facilities, any examination taken and not passed in the summer semester 2021 is considered a free attempt.
  • The free attempt regulation refers to university examinations. Free attempts cannot be granted for examinations within the framework of the state examination, as these are not subject to the regulations of the Higher Education Act and thus also not to those of the Corona HEVO.
  • A fail by not appearing also leads to a free attempt.
  • Failed exams due to an attempt to cheat do NOT result in a free attempt.

Note for students

Please take into account that the lecturers and the examination offices have a significantly higher workload than in regular semesters due to the free attempt regulations, and due to the other challenges in organisation and teaching related with the Corona measures. In order to be considerate and avoid planning difficulties, we therefore ask you to only register for examinations for which you have prepared and which you wish to take. If you will not be taking an exam at short notice, please inform the respective examiners and the Examinations Office, especially in the case of oral exams, so that this can be taken into account when organising the exams. Please also understand that it may take longer to respond to enquiries or that complications may arise with online examinations. In the case of examinations on site, you will be informed in good time before the respective date about the hygiene rules then applicable.

Note for lecturers

As in the winter semester 2020/21, the Corona free attempt is recorded by the lecturers in the course of recording the grades by entering the note "CFP". The handout from the winter semester 2020/21 can be found at the usual place in OpenOLAT.

Examination periods

The examination periods for the summer semester 2021 can be found here.

Free semester

The Corona Higher Education Law Supplement Ordinance (Corona-HEVO) stipulates that Section 103 of the Higher Education Act also applies to the summer semester 2021. For this reason, the CAU does not count the summer semester 2021 as a “Fachsemester” for regulations under higher education law that are linked to the standard period of study or the number of “Fachsemester” (e.g. invitation to compulsory study guidance).

  • The semester count will be continued on the CAU certificates (e.g. course of study certificate). The CAU will shortly provide a certificate for download for the summer semester 2021 via the CAU portal ( in accordance with § 103 (2) HSG. This certifies that studies may be delayed due to the Corona pandemic. It can be attached to the study progress certificate if required.
  • The exemption regulation also applies to regulations under education funding law that are linked to the standard period of study or the number of semesters. Please contact the Office for Educational Funding (Amt für Ausbildungsförderung) ( or your scholarship-granting institution if you have any questions regarding the procedure, evidence to be submitted, etc.

Preliminary master’s enrolment

The deadline for proof of Bachelor's degree in the summer semester 2021 has been extended from June 10 to September 30. Further information can be found on the pages of the Student Services (German only)

Exceeding the incidence of 100

If the incidence of 100 is exceeded in the city of Kiel on three consecutive days, the practical courses, which are now regulated as "practical study formats", can continue to take place unchanged. The university libraries can also continue to offer their current services unchanged. Therefore, nothing changes for this pandemic phase at the CAU compared to the regulations that have been in place since April 2021.

Exceeding the incidence of 165

If the incidence of 165 is exceeded on three consecutive days, the following strict regulations apply:

  • Only those practical study formats may take place that otherwise could not be made up in the current semester and the completion of studies would be unavoidably delayed.
  • Compulsory corona tests for students participating in practical study formats.
  • Restriction of library services: possible are borrowing and returning, use of workstations for the preparation of final theses, for the preparation of research papers by members and affiliates of CAU and for the preparation of courses by lecturers.

Should it become apparent that the incidence of 165 will be exceeded, you will be informed in the usual way and in good time about the necessary details. In particular, about which study formats can continue to take place and how the process of proving a corona test will take place.

In the current situation, rapid tests are not obligatory for participation in practical courses! However, we ask all students to make regular use of the free rapid tests, which can be taken at numerous citizen test centres and test stations. On the main campus of the CAU, two of these test stations have been in place since last week. You can find more information about the test centres here.

Please contribute by your behaviour that we do not reach this situation in Kiel and at the CAU and instead may announce cautious opening steps as the next big campus information.

Yours sincerely,
Prof. Markus Hundt
 Vice President for Studies, Teaching and Continuing Professional Development