Corona-Update: Rules until December 20

Dear members of the University,

During last week, the Federal Government and the State Governments agreed on a continuation and intensification of the corona measures which have been in force since November 2, 2020. This has become necessary because the measures taken so far have not yet led to a significant reduction in the number of infections. Although the expected amendments are not yet available, we would like to give you an initial orientation on the presumed corona regulations, which will apply to the university and to teaching, research, administration and services from December 1.

On Wednesday, the Federal Government and the State Governments decided that higher education institutions and universities should in principle switch over to digital teaching, exceptions are made for laboratory work, internships, practical and artistic training sections and examinations. This means that practical courses can be continued in attendance on this basis as explicitly mentioned exceptions. The face-to-face courses that have been possible for first-year students must be converted to digital formats (unless they are practical courses), and they will take place exclusively in online formats until December 20, 2020.

All first-semester students are requested to inform themselves on the websites of their faculties or to directly contact their lecturers about how their previous attendance courses will be continued in the coming week.

For the continued operation of the university in the areas of research, administration and services, the regulations in force since November 2 will continue to apply unchanged until December 20, according to current estimates. The aim of these measures at the CAU is to minimise the risk of infection for each individual and to counteract the further spread of the virus. At the same time, university operations in teaching, research, administration and services are to be ensured within the given regulations, i.e. with as little presence as possible. In detail this means:

  • All members of the university must consistently observe the rules of social distance and the well-known hygiene rules on the entire campus.
  • The obligation to wear masks continues to apply in front of and within all buildings until the workstation is reached, as well as at individual workstations in libraries and in all lectures on site.
  • The University Library remains open. However, the restrictions on use and services in force since the beginning of November will remain. Information on the available services of the University Library and the departmental libraries is compiled on their websites.
  • Research and administrative operations: These will continue to be unrestricted in principle. However, contact opportunities between members of the university should also be minimised at the "workplace university". Presence in the institutes, facilities and administrative units should therefore continue to be limited to what is necessary for the completion of tasks in research, administration and infrastructure and organised in such a way that operations can be maintained in the event of an infection. This applies in particular to critical business processes and infrastructures. 
    Superiors are to exhaust all organisational precautions which enable employees to perform the individual standard working hours. The instruments of working time flexibilisation (deffered work, shift work, home office, reorganisation etc.) are to be exhausted accordingly, taking into account hygiene and distance regulations. Wherever the activities and technical conditions permit, work should continue to be carried out primarily in thehome office. This always requires the approval of the supervisor.
  • The existing regulations for persons who belong to a risk group due to previous illnesses continue to apply unchanged
  • Internal discussions, working group meetings, general meetings, interviews and committee meetings cannot be held in person until further notice. Here too, digital formats or conference calls should be used.
  • Business trips should continue to be carried out only when absolutely necessary for the completion of the work task. Business trips to risk areas abroad and regions with high infection rates within Germany (high incidence areas) should not be approved. Exceptions require the approval of the University Board in individual cases.
  • Illness, suspected illness: Please refer to the information on the Corona website. The CAU's corona website also contains supplementary information from the Robert Koch Institute.
  • Closure of facilities: The university's museums, university sports (except for courses) and the canteens of the Studentenwerk will continue to be closed. The advice centres are available to you digitally or by telephone. Information is available at Openings & Closings

Detailed information on all topics can be found here on the Corona website of the CAU. If you have any questions, please contact
Students are welcome to contact Sandra Elstner at for any questions about studying in times of Corona and the challenges involved.

We are aware of the restrictions and unreasonable demands that these measures imposed by the State Government mean for each and every one of you, for your studies and your work at the CAU. Nevertheless, please help to keep the number of infections under control by acting responsibly and by consistently limiting your own contacts, including in your private life, so that we can survive the coming winter months in good health.

Nevertheless, we wish you and your families a peaceful Advent season, despite or even because of the demands and challenges of the corona pandemic!

Yours, Claudia Ricarda Meyer