corona update: shorter isolation periods and change to face mask requirements

Dear members of the University,

The federal state of Schleswig-Holstein has shortened the isolation period for people infected with the coronavirus to five days. This follows recommendations by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The federal state's corresponding “isolation order” has meanwhile been implemented by the districts and independent cities.

Rule on isolation for those testing positive for the coronavirus

The following applies to those testing positive/infected with the coronavirus:

  • A positive lateral flow test/self-administered test must be confirmed by a PCR test.
  • Those who test positive for the coronavirus must immediately self-isolate. Isolation ends after 5 days. 
  • Test to release from isolation at the end of the 5 days is not mandatory, but is recommended.

Please observe the detailed information provided by the federal state in the FAQs on the coronavirus.

In the event of a COVID infection, all members of Kiel University are urged to observe the isolation rules and only return to campus at the end of the five day period if they have no symptoms and their lateral flow test result is negative. Please also continue to observe and follow Kiel University’s reporting trail.

Updating the Hygiene Conceptual Framework

All rules and provisions currently applicable to Kiel University in connection with the coronavirus pandemic can be found in Kiel University’s Hygiene Conceptual Framework, which was updated again this week (3 May 2022). The following applies to the universal requirement to wear face masks on Kiel University’s campus: Face masks are not required at fixed workplaces in libraries if minimum social distancing of 1.5 metres from other library users is maintained. Face masks are still required on the way to and from the workstation. This also applies to workstations in the building foyers.

Clarification on Kiel University’s working from home rule

The Hygiene Conceptual Framework also provides clarification on working from home: for technical and administrative staff, working from home is regulated by the Service Agreement of 17 March 2022. If the Federal Government’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (currently valid until 25 May 2022) stipulates that contacts at the workplace are to be reduced, working from home can be (informally) agreed/arranged between employees and managers, even to a greater extent than intended regular operations. The prerequisite in all cases is that the respective activities of the employee allow mobile work. Employees working outside Kiel University's premises must be contactable. At the same time, current rules on working hours must be adhered to.

With best regards,

Claudia Meyer,