Corona-Update: Information for employees on time recording

The following information is addressed to all employees using time recording and their supervisors.

Kiel University cautiously approaches restricted normal operations within the framework of local and organisational possibilities and in compliance with hygiene concepts. We try to continue to provide the greatest possible flexibility in working in the home office as well as on site. Therefore, adjustments have been made to the working time framework and the recording system.

As from 13.07.2020 and until further notice, working timeframes will remain fixed from 6am to 9pm. The legal provisions regarding maximum working time and rest periods must be observed. The recording system was adapted to the new working time framework, so that subsequent entries are no longer necessary from this point on.

From 13.07.2020, it will also be possible to build up minus hours again. The maximum number of minus hours is, until further notice, equivalent to double the contractually agreed normal weekly hours (77.4 hours for full-time salaried employees and 82 hours for civil servants).

This should also make the individual working time of all employees more flexible and allow for individual requirements. Offsetting of the above-mentioned balance of working hours is suspended until further notice and will only be reintroduced at a later date - depending on the further development of the coronavirus pandemic and associated restrictions - in agreement with the crisis management team and at the limits set in the work agreement “Variable Arbeitszeit” (variable working time). Of course this will be announced in good time. 

For detailed explanations and organisational exceptions, please refer to the known notes on the Kiel University’s corona information page

With kind regards,
Claudia Meyer