Dear University Members,

in view of the current development of the Corona situation, changes are looming on the horizon impacting teaching, research, administration and services here at Kiel University. This email aims to give you a heads-up.

The upcoming changes are initiated by the tightened Corona policy, expected to come into effect 22nd November 2021, as announced by the state government of Schleswig-Holstein. They will be further triggered by the changes in the Infection Protection Act.

We ask for your understanding that we are not yet able to provide any information at this point about the concrete arrangements at our University. Reason being, for some cases detailed regulations are not yet known. Therefor you can expect another update early next week.

However, already at this stage, please prepare yourself for the following changes:

  • Teaching & Studies: There are currently no signs to restrict the attendance. In individual cases, very large courses may switch to hybrid or purely online formats. You faculty or lecturers will inform you about arrangements in due time. For the time being, however, the University Board and the faculties decided to continue face-to-face teaching as currently in place. 3G regulation as well as a general masking obligation apply to all lectures and classes. As of now, exceptions to the masking policy should only be possible where the nature of the course requires it (e.g. practical sports or practical music courses).
  • Home Office Duty: The amended Infection Control Act considers a home office duty; this will also apply to all University members once it comes into effect. Activities permitting home office must be offered by the University as an employer. In return, the obligation will also apply to employees, who must accept the offer unless there are reasons on their side to the contrary. We will inform you promptly as of when this regulation will come into effect.
  • 3G proof at your workplace: Kiel University relies on its employees who work on site being either vaccinated or recovered and able to test themselves up to twice a week. Colleagues and university members who are neither vaccinated nor recovered should test themselves or be tested daily on site. With the regulatory changes coming into effect, the 3G policy becomes mandatory for all colleagues working on site. Then, employees will be required to provide a 3G proof, and the University will then have the right and obligation to check the 3G proof. We are currently in the process of clarifying the details and setting up the actual policy – particularly on how employees who are neither vaccinated nor recovered will have to provide proof of testing. We are going to release the details as soon as possible.
  • 2G for "non-curricular events" and certain CAU facilities: The 3G rules apply to all central operations at our University, such as access to lectures and your work place. All non-curricular and non-work events are expected to apply the 2G policy starting on the 22nd November 2021. Access will then be limited to those who are fully vaccinated or recovered. The same policy applies to the museums or sports activity offered by the university. We will provide further and detailed information as soon as available.

We expect to provide further information on the changes described above beginning of next week, as soon as the underlying legal regulations and policy are available and have been evaluated. Furthermore, you can expect updates on the CAU’s Corona website.

Due to numerous requests, I would like to briefly update you on our booster vaccinations: An offer by the corporate medical service is in preparation; we are also in close contact with the UKSH on that topic.

As soon as we receive more details on the offer, we will inform you immediately.

Yours sincerely,

Claudia Meyer