Hygiene Conceptual Framework updated

Dear employees of the CAU,

Since May 2020, a Hygiene Conceptual Framework of the university has described the general hygiene and protective measures applicable to the entire university operation in teaching/studying, research and administration, and all CAU facilities. It also describes special hygiene and protective measures for lectures, examinations and other events as well as special areas of the CAU. This concept has now been updated and is available online. Newly added are notes on cohorts and the home office, and all aspects have also been thoroughly revised. 

Important: If the currently applicable state regulations go beyond the provisions of the CAU's framework, the provisions of the state regulations apply. You can find the currently valid regulations here (German only).

Further regulations are contained in the state's higher education corona ordinance, which is valid until 30.11.2020, especially for the obligation to wear masks. This currently applies to all face-to-face teaching events and also where the cohort principle is used, as well as within all CAU buildings and in front of the buildings in the immediate entrance area.

The aim of the hygiene framework is to comprehensively protect the health of CAU members and guests and at the same time to maintain the CAU's operations in research and administration to a large extent.

We continue to urge you to implement the comprehensive guidelines in your areas, as you have done in an exemplary manner to date. However, all measures to contain the corona virus can only be effective if we not only comply with the applicable corona protection measures on site at the CAU, but also do so privately.

If you have any questions, please contact corona@uni-kiel.de.

With kind regards,
Claudia Ricarda Meyer, Chancellor