Preliminary planning for the winter semester

Dear students, lecturers and university members,

Even though the further course of the pandemic is not yet foreseeable, a return to a regular university live is planned for the winter semester 2021/22, as far as possible under these special conditions. For this reason, concepts for the winter semester 2021/22 are currently being developed with the participation of faculty representatives, students, the Computing Centre, administration and the University Board. The primary goal is to return to regular lectures on site, which we all ardently wish for. Since the pandemic is unpredictable, we present the currently conceivable scenarios below:

Variant A - lectures on site

In view of current developments, especially with regard to the increasing number of fully vaccinated persons and the decreasing infection figures, we hope that in the winter semester 2021/22 significantly more on-site lectures will be possible than has been the case up to now. Therefore, the planning for the winter semester should be carried out with the aim of ensuring that, as far as possible, large parts of the courses will again be held on site. We ask you to make your room bookings as you would under regular conditions without pandemic-related restrictions. The facility management will contact the UnivIS representatives and deaneries as soon as possible (via UnivIS mailing), and communicate the further procedure.

It remains important, especially at the beginning of the coming winter semester, to find a good compromise for the degree programmes that predominantly or mainly have international students as their target group. This target group will most likely still have to reckon with more difficult travel conditions in the coming winter semester. Since our international degree programmes are very different, the planning for this is done in the subjects themselves and students are informed directly by the respective persons responsible in the degree programmes to what extent on-site attendance is to be expected.

Variant B - limited on-site attendance/hybrid teaching

Nevertheless, it cannot be ruled out that, due to the pandemic situation and corresponding regulations of the state government, lectures on site could continue to be restricted, e.g. through distance regulations, etc. For this reason, hybrid formats should be considered for the winter semester 2021/22 in addition to on-site only formats. In order to reduce group sizes in the planned rooms in accordance with the applicable distance regulations (1.5 metres) and compliance with the "ventilation breaks", other formats could be considered; for example, formats in which groups are divided up and online and on-site participation alternate for the individual subgroups.

The team "Digital Teaching and Future Skills" in the Department of Teaching Development is happy to advise teachers on the implementation of their digital and hybrid teaching projects and supports networking with other teachers (Julia Sandmann,, 880 2985). Students with teaching responsibilities (tutors and exercise group leaders) can receive further training and advice free of charge in the Beat - Be a tutor qualification programme ( (German only)).

Furthermore, concepts for streaming/broadcasting possibilities are currently being developed and additional technical infrastructure is being created.

We will provide concrete information and support options for this variant in particular with regard to room bookings, technical infrastructure, legal requirements, etc. as soon as possible and publish them here.

Variant C - Online teaching

Furthermore, it cannot be ruled out that the pandemic situation will worsen in the course of the winter;  it may be necessary to return to the already familiar online formats at relatively short notice, as in previous semesters. The central E-Learning Service and the above-mentioned contact persons from the Teaching Development Department are available to help you plan your online teaching. In addition, you will find information material, handouts, etc. on the subject of online teaching in the CAU Cloud.


We are aware that planning lectures is a great challenge due to the difficulty in predicting the situation. However, we strive to support you as much as possible in the implementation of teaching and to keep you up to date with regular information.

The examination periods for the winter semester 2021/22 are currently being coordinated within CAU and with the Ministry and will be announced as soon as possible through the usual channels.

Prof. Markus Hundt,
 Vice President