Vaccination offer for CAU employees

Dear members of our university,

Infrastructures for booster vaccinations against the coronavirus are being reactivated throughout the country. As of November 25, 2021appointments at vaccination centres can be booked again . In parallel to this, we are preparing offers through the CAU’s Occupational Health and Safety Service starting in January 2022. The UKSH has announced that it will also be able to offer booster vaccinations as from December for CAU employees whose last vaccination was at least six months beforehand.

We have set up a special mailing list via-email again, so that we can inform you specifically about these and other short-notice vaccination offers for CAU members. If you are interested, please add your details to the list under the following link:

registration e-mail list

As soon as the university is able to offer you a vaccination you will receive further information via the contact details entered in this mailing list. The date and time of a vaccination, registration process and type of vaccine will be considered. Please note, you may receive a message at quite short notice, depending on the availability of appointments, so please check your e-mails regularly. 

Putting your name on the list does not mean you are obliged to accept a vaccination offer. Further to this, the order of incoming names is also not relevant for a later registration process. By putting your name down you are firstly helping us to better estimate the number of people who would be interested in a vaccination by the Occupational Health and Safety Service. Secondly it allows us to inform you specifically about availabilities and offers.

Data collected via the e-mail list will only be used for the purpose of arranging vaccination offers via the university. We hope that we will be able to send you more information about precise vaccination offers very soon. 

With kind regards,
Claudia Meyer