Kai Bachmann

Operations in the chest area

»Surgically treating cancers in the lungs plays a central role in my field of thoracic surgery. My particular clinical expertise is in both minimally invasive and robotic operations that are especially gentle for patients, as well as in complex procedures for advanced-stage tumours in the lungs and the entire chest area.

In my research I focus on disorders of the thymus gland, and the search for factors which determine the prognosis of cancer, among other aspects. I am planning an interdisciplinary form of teaching, together with my colleagues at the Lung Cancer Center, which will familiarise students early on with the importance of multi-modal treatment concepts, i.e. a combination of various procedures. In addition to this, lectures with the new, minimally invasive operation simulation trainer should be established.«

Kai Bachmann, 47 years old, born in Geesthacht. Since October 2022: Professor of Thoracic Surgery at Kiel University, Director of the Department of General Surgery, Abdominal, Thoracic, Transplantation and Paediatric Surgery at the UKSH, Kiel campus. Previously Senior Consultant and Head of Thoracic Surgery at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE). 2005: Doctoral degree, 2012: Habilitation (postdoctoral lecture qualification) at the Universität Hamburg.

Text: Kerstin Nees