Presidential election on 24 June

 Presentation of the candidates in the livestream

On Wednesday, June 24, the Academic Senate will elect a new president for Kiel University. The election ceremony in the university's Audimax begins at 2 pm. First, the two candidates and the candidate for the office will introduce themselves to the university public. This public part will be broadcasted in a livestream on this website (from 2pm). Due to the particular hygiene requirements through the Corona pandemic, personal participation in the event is reserved for members of the Academic Senate.

After the presentations of the candidates, the members of the Senate interview the candidates individually for one hour each. Afterwards, the representatives of the status groups withdraw for internal consultations before proceeding to the election.

The election is won by whoever receives an absolute majority of the votes cast by the voting members of the Senate. If no candidate has received an absolute majority of the votes cast after two rounds of voting in the case of several candidates, a run-off ballot shall be held between the candidates who received the most votes in the second round of voting. In the third ballot, the relative majority of the votes cast is then sufficient.

    Facts in brief:

    • What: Presidential election at Kiel University
    • When: Wednesday, 24.06.2020, from 14 h
    • Where: Audimax of the CAU, Frederik-Paulsen lecture hall

    Procedure of the election meeting:

    • 14:00: Welcome by Senate Chair Prof. Dr. Markus Bleich and Deputy Senate Chair Heinke Gier
    • From 14:05: Lectures by the candidates
      • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ostendorf
      • Prof. Dr. Angela Ittel
      • Prof. Dr. Simone Fulda
    • From approx. 16:15: Questioning of the candidates by the Senate
    • From about 20:15: Meetings in the status groups
    • From approx. 21:15: Debate and election process

    Note about the livestream:

    The livestream broadcasts the public part of the event and starts at 2pm and ends at after the candidates' presentations.

    Hand throws election card into voting box