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Postdocs networking at one of the retreats

After the PhD, early career researchers have to deal with very specific challenges by building their independent research profile and making decisions about their career options inside or outside academia. In this phase, a strong and vibrant peer network for sharing experiences and challenges is of utmost importance. On the other hand, postdocs also benefit from career guidance offers to reduce existing prejudices about their chances on the job market.

With Postdocs@FYORD, we support the networking of postdoctoral researchers who are employed at one of the partner institutions as well as in a variety of scientific communities and who conduct research in the field of marine sciences within and outside Kiel. At annual retreats, they have the opportunity to discuss their own research projects, challenges in mentoring students, and building their personal scientific portfolios. Through networking matches, FYORD will help find common ground even among scientific communities that would not normally collaborate naturally and, in turn, foster interdisciplinary collaboration. In addition, postdocs can discuss their future career plans with their peers and receive valuable feedback on their plans.

For career field orientation, FYORD regularly organizes events focusing on different career paths open to young marine researchers, especially outside academia. We intend to create awareness of necessary skills for a successful career within and outside the scientific field.


Dr. Christine Haunhorst