Priority research areas at Kiel University

Our four priority research areas Kiel Life Science (KLS), Kiel Marine Science (KMS), Kiel Nano Surface & Interface Science (KiNSiS) and Societal, Environmental and Cultural Change (SECC) enable close interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary cooperation on common core topics. They are interconnected, and maintain strong ties with the eight faculties at Kiel University.

Life Sciences

In the priority research area Kiel Life Science (KLS), scientists from six faculties at Kiel University investigate cellular and molecular processes with which living organisms respond to environmental influences.

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Marine Sciences

The priority research area Kiel Marine Science (KMS) is dedicated to interdisciplinary research at the interface between oceans and society – for the protection and sustainable use of our oceans and coastal areas.


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Nano Sciences

The priority resaerch area Kiel Nano, Surface and Interface Science (KiNSIS) aims to understand fundamental principles at the nano level and to transfer them into the fields of energy, health and information technology.

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Social Sciences

The priority research area Societal, Environmental and Cultural Change (SECC) addresses central questions about the future of today's societies from a historical perspective.

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Recent news from Kiel University's priority research areas

News from KLS

Smelly sludge: A happy place for worms and microbes

Worm hosts and the associated microorganisms jointly mediate adaptation to a novel environment




News from KMS

Two women in a laboratory

Spread of vibrios during marine heat waves in focus

Microbiologists from Kiel University are investigating the spread of Vibrio species and their interaction with marine organisms


News from KiNSIS


The jellyfish trainer

Study from Kiel and Copenhagen shows for the first time that even simple nervous systems can learn


News from SECC

A herd of goats in a barren mountain landscape.

The mobility of people, goods and ideas since the Stone Age

Free booklet of the Cluster of Excellence ROOTS is now available online or as a print edition.